Student, Artist, Animal lovin', Color Block lovin', Family lovin' , Cheshire lovin'  - silly, girl. 
Thats exactly what i am, who i am. 

And, cherry on top, I am slightly plump. ! But being in the heavier side has not made me question the things that i like. Fashion, for instance, is Different to me. My immense love for it is peculiar, which you will come to know gradually. I consider myself too be a little off the road about Fashion. Yes, meaning i am not up-to-date about it. Never have been. Yet, i see it in a different way.
I love to paint and sketch and i love to play dress up. Color Blocking, Pop colors, on-your-face-things, has been my thing for quite some time now :) 

I will/should/must- Blog about anything that i feel needs to be Expressed.:) But one thing is cautionary, I am lazy as a cat, just like Cheshire ! So i dont know how i will keep this up, meaning this blog, up ! And worst thing uuugghhh  i dont even own a camera ! or else i would have posted my pictures and made it very colorfulllllllll....! But soon i will so wait till then. 

Just a quick flashy-plashy something, as a treat :)

My "Mode" is inspired by 20's 30's 40's 50's and especially 60's.

The 20's

The 30's

The 40's

The Vogue Cover in 1950

I Love These Pictures of the 60's

Twiggy's Awesome Shades., which i want :S

Colorful 60's 

Love 60's.!

I don't feel like Criticizing these..! 

Thats enough for a first entry. Just a glimpse of Chic Fashion that i like. Well, the best part is that it not only suits thin people but was also meant for Curvy girls like me. But its coming back. Soon soon  R.!


Tomorrow is a new day and  i shall come with new thoughts ! 

Goodbye and sleep tight :)



    i am a fat girl , not really in the plus size genre , but i love all the colours on your blog :) and im going to steal some pictures. hope you keep updating frequently.

    p.s. do you give out fashion tips too ??


Love to hear from you.


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