God!  i forgot a lot of movies in my last post so here are some again.

The Rite- horror genre, bad movie, based on the book- The making of a Modern Exorcist. Well, this one has a happy ending with nothing sad or dead popping up anywhere and an exorcism gone well. Nothing on any of the Exorcist movies(bleh!), but gives the chills any ways, people.

The Roommate- Leighton, **sigh! bad movie, sad movie. Dont waste your time and money here guys. Only Minka Kelly's hot bod is a treat. Rest -down the drains. Leighton, our very own Blair is the bad-ass, crazy, possessive room mate. God! if you want to watch Leighton act, try a different movie. Maybe wait for Monte Carlo...

Vanishing on the 7th Street- horror/thriller, apocalyptic type of movie, which goes for the obvious- dead people everywhere and only two survivors ( all the -world-coming-to-an-end- movies need some survivors you know). I watched it for the handsome Hayden Christensen as i hadn't seen his beautiful face since Jumper. but this one was hilariously silly and bad acting by everyone.

Red State- this one i havent seen yet. and i am waiting (with my gang of girls, its horror movie guys!) to watch it. it has got mixed reviews. If any of you did, then please lemme know okay.

Jane Eyre- wonderful!!! see, i told you before that i dont watch drama much but this has a bit of romance too. Mia (who played Alice in Alice in Wonderland) surprisingly does justice to Jane's character! It's a fine movie and you should watch it. i wont give out much.

Sucker Punch- it sucked and i felt like punching the face of the actors in it. Faillllll. Period.

Scream 4- It had the industry's most gorgeous women screaming- without any reason. Same thing, same old. Yes, has the kicks but the plot has been told and again re-told and again re-told. Bleh! Even Neve couldn't save it from going nowhere.

Something borrowed- i havent seen it yet but i have heard its cute with Goodwin and Hudson. So no comments yet.

Water for Elephants- !!! what do i say about this. I mean *numbbbbbbbbbbb* The grand set, the grand Witherspoon, the ever grand Pattinson ( god! i live for you !) and the pleasantly grand his highness, Waltz. Good acting very good everything. Except there was something missing and it breaks my heart to tell you this, but this movie seriously lacks in CHEMISTRY. I men Rob was in his usual brooding self and Reese in her ever so charming blonde self but i dont now what, but the thing between them really doesnt click. It doesnt click between Waltz and Reese too. I dont now what it really was- the age factor between Rob and Reese ?? The sex scene is okay and so are the snogging scenes. But that's the thing- they are okay not great. Rob has far more chemistry with Kristen (la Bella). Even such an accomplished actor like Reese (who has the capacity to carry the whole movie on her shoulders) couldnt pull a romance off! It's just sad coz this movie had that whole old Hollywood grandeur about it and simply loses marks on its actors. They were not right; they tried their best but nope guys, no spark. Critics have given mixed review. I say go watch it and watch out for the old Hollywood feel and the cute elephant Rosie ( **sniff** so cute) and also the ever-so-handsome Edward... eeeks sorry.. Robert.

Midnight in Paris- Woody Allen does it again! It's a cute cute cute movie! Carla Bruni is a surprise treat ! Adrien (**heart flutteringggg**) is good and so are Owen and Rachel. I wont say anything else, jut that - go and watch it. Woody is amazing as always.

Okay i am done for the day. Tell me which one (movie) you enjoyed the most from all the movies posted in this post and the last one. 
Next post will be about the up-coming movies that i am going to watch.


  1. Anonymous31.5.11

    Not having watched Water For Elephants is KILLING ME.


  2. Dont worry Aditi. downloaddddd it!!

  3. Scream 4 has industry's most gorgeous women screaming for no reason..............
    youre sooo funny and entertaining post...seriously:)

    and Water For Elephants...thats no.1 on my list...and Robert Pattinson...i love can i miss any of him n his movies...

  4. Lol Rohinie! i love Robert toooooo..

  5. love these! the roommate looks hilarious in that 'this is crap' way. x hivenn

  6. i liked "water for elephants" the most. i have to admit, "the rite" just nearly killed it. "jane eyre" on my list. but before that, m dying to watch "midnight in paris". can we ever go wrong with woody allen? hell no. its a shame i can't find a proper download version of the movie. but m sooo there!! :)

  7. C M- Whoot whoot for Woody Allen baby!!!
    Yay! watch it and tell me how was it sweety.


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