Doesn't the post title sound romantic and demanding as well. 
Love is everywhere around me and i get so frustrated (ugh!) beacuse i am so full of it but i have no one to spill it to or on to. I am leaving my teens and i have a steady focus of what i want but in the end i dont have something that seems to be in abundance around me- LOVE/ BOYFRIEND/ MAN-FRIEND/ LOVER/ whatever.
Yea, don't even think about pacifying me now. Just like everyone does. 

"you are so pretty you'll get anyone" - really? that's almost cliché now guys. If a girl is so perfect how come she doesnt get what she desires? And, and- if she so pretty how come her charms are not enough to coax a hottie to fall in love with her? What is the reason? what is her mistake? her beauty? her brains? ............maybe her beauty.

"you are not fat! you are perfect" - again a cliché in the making, people. When you are fat no one looks at you especially the guy whom you want to eye you. When you become anorexic-ally thin, still no one is looking at you. And when you are healthy, you have people telling you this and you know you are hanging by the thread in the middle of being either fat or anorexic. So what do you do, girls? as healthy is deemed to be perfect, how come a healthy girl is not getting the perfect hottie for herself? what's her mistake? Oops, is she too healthy? Oops, is she 'not'  too healthy? or don't you want healthy at all?.... maybe not.

Okay this post title has nothing to do with my mini rambling. I was just thinking about what can go so wrong for someone like me (no, i am not saying that i am a goddess and that i am perfect) that i can't find and 'object' to spill my love to? 
All i have left is my beloved family and my pet. I think i will stick to them for the time being. But my search is on. Not giving in, not giving up

Being a very futuristic person, i have already started wondering what will happen once i conquer the love of my life (its a different thing that i am not getting him. but it still doesn't stop me from dreaming guys!). Wont he make demands on me then? Will he love me without making any demands? How will i feel about it, as i am a control freak? What if it goes out of hand? What if i make the demands? What if i demand, demand and demand?
So, are you telling me that i should not go through all that and stay single? I mean what about the experience? hmm, what if .. what if.. what if...DAMN. 
Meant to be single, i guess. Who wants the pain especially when you got it real bad once before. 
True, but then i'll let you guys on a secret- I WOULD. I know i will always look out, no matter what, for those eyes who will hold mine and make me his forever with a single blink.
Sorry i am rambling and its almost without any content. (well, half of my ramblingin' is without any content :P) But i am such a romantic what to do! i want my fairy tale, prince charming, me being swept off my feet, a true love's kiss(!) and my happily ever after !!. Who doesnt? 

Its just that i want my Gone with the Wind (minus the "frankly my dear, i dont give a damn" part) and my Clark Gable, who will be as persuasive and possessive and loving AND rough ( ;P i like rough, sometimes)

I want my Titanic (minus the sinking part please) and my Jack, who will be a wonderful artist and save my life from almost anything and teach me how to spit like a man; okay maybe not that but yea, teach me how to live life and how to love in spite of barriers.

i want my Desparado ( minus nothing at all) and my Miriachi who will love me intensely and protect me with his guns. I want him to play guitar like a true Miriachi. 

I want my Ghost (minus nothing please, even the ghost part) and my Swayze who will have partial sex with me while making pots and take me on the floor or anywhere.

I want my Pretty Woman (minus me being the hooker part, but then if i am not the hooker then i dont get my Edward :s okay so minus nothing)  and my Edward who will teach me about law and mix business with pleasure ;) Who will pamper me with diamonds take me to opera's and still marry me and love me even if i am a friggin' nobody.

I want my Notebook (minus nothing, yes i want Lon too. remember he is also hot) and my Noah, who will wait for me to come back to him even though he has to wait for years. i want him to be encouraging -to make me pursue my dreams and hobbies and make me realise that TRUE LOVE is what keeps you going till the end even when you suffer from a life threatening illness. I want him to 'not' leave my side even when i am falling, collapsing and dying.

I want my Mr. and Mrs. Smith (nothing excluded) and i want a Mr Smith who can be a spy and be equally as hot as Pitt. i dont mind if he has scars; i want him to be a family man and a true husband who will make me my breakfast and lunch and dinner without any qualms and make them in his white vest. (now that my fantasy coming in, okay guys)

I want so many things, i want so many movies to be my story. I want a HOLIDAY and a ROMAN HOLIDAY (meet a stranger and fall madly in love) i want a LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (a guy by my side all the time, even through parkinson's) i want a GNOMEO AND JULIET (i dont care if he is from some other race or religion or grr.. other species as long as he loves me :*) i want a YOU'VE GOT MAIL (ugh! dont let me explain this please, its so beautiful) i want a BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (i dont mind if my guy is a beast; i love beast) i want a BRIDGET JONES ( yes, a bad boy and a good boy but ultimately a good boy who will love the 'weird' me ) and hell yea, i want a TWILIGHT (now don't go , gay gay gay, coz the character of EDWARD played by Pattinson is something that all girls swoon over. Not the part where he twinkles but for the fact that he being a blood lusting Vampy, still desires a human and never wanted her to change into one of is own kind!!!!!!! yes, i want someone or 'something' that never wants me to change for him)

I want all this and maybe more. Of, course more :s

Sorry about bulldozing Robert's picture in the middle. but the thing is ... i wont lie that i want this perfection of a man in my life or someone as perfect as him (**pssst** Jude Law!!). Just for the record you know. 
You can give him to me as a gift ;) Again, just for the record, you know.

Okay lovelies that enough of rambling. i hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

Write to me about what you loved about this and also your stories. I'll be waiting.  

Love from my 'flowery' PJ's.


  1. and the pictures as usual are awesome.

  2. Wow that was a lot to read! :D But I really enjoyed it, especially since you mentioned so many of my favorite movies too.
    My bf is far from being perfect but then again neither am I so asking for all these things would be a bit unfair. And when I look at him with my heart and not with my mind, he is the perfect guy nevertheless... ;)

  3. London Loves- You are very lucky sweetheart. A least you have someone perfect. :)
    In my case, i am in a manhunt here. :D

  4. Wow!! Amazing selection of pictures!! <3 The first one is totally my fav.
    Im following... a big hug.


  5. Aminta- you have such a nice name! :) Gonw with the wind is my fav too!
    Thank you for following, i am reciprocating :D

  6. i like this post, love the minuses:P uff twilight

  7. Woo, that was one hell of a post.
    I must confess I started skimming towards the end, but it was interesting!
    I get what you mean completely, I'm so completely eternally single, and its getting dull!
    I'm sure we'll get our turn :)
    Definitely want a Rhett Butler, but you gotta keep the 'Frankly m'dear' line it, it makes the story!
    Mmm and beast from beauty and the beast would be lovely, claws and all!

  8. Anoushka- so right!!!!!

  9. Ghost will always bring tears to my eyes. Awesome post, you nailed it. Thanks for sharing, boo!

    Currently follow, hope you'll do the same, xxoo.

  10. Jackie! thank you! but how do i follow you?!


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