Ahh,  How's the tension and the excitement regarding the Royal Wedding building on? 

I am very excited. Very. In fact, i am so excited that i have been watching TLC every night at 9pm to watch the whole history of Will and Kate's relationship ( and their parents ), Di's huge ground breaking wedding with Charles, the wedding dresses and almost everything of the impending wedding, which is going to be history's most watched, broad casted and expensive wedding!!!! 

I love Royalty! Though i loved it because of...yes everybody's answer- Diana. The beautiful Diana. She was, but still is, my mother's favorite Princess. I was born after ten years of Di's marriage to the handsome Prince Charles. I never found him that handsome as Di, i felt,  was too pretty for him. Ah well all's said and done about them. Point is (relating to the title of my post) Di never played hard to get. In fact Charles played a little of that. Smart man.

Lemme share tit bits of what i came across in TLC about the inside facts.

Charles and Di. So now the thing was, Charles was already in love with - you know who- Camilla.  Hmm. Then why did he coax the then 20 year old Diana into marrying him? Answer is - The Prince had to marry a royal, english, virgin girl. Diana was perfect in all aspect.

He was 12 years her senior ! She was 20 when she go married and he was 32. Camilla is older than him by 2 years and was no royalty. And she already had many lovers before Charles. NOT suitable.Uh no! Poor Charles, now , picked the most gorgeous women on earth, who was an assistant kindergarten teacher. She was royalty, sublime, shy, a proper English lady, and was already in love with Charles in their 4 months of courtship!! In the 6th month he proposed to her at a dinner( ugh, he didn't even get down on his knees ! ) He simply asked her to be his wife and she started giggling (c'mon she was just 19 !) and then replied with a " Yes, please" . Disaster from the beginning. Everyone was happy especially the grooms parents'. Son found the perfect British, if i may include, virgin wife. 

Now in the case of Will and Kate, she is older to him by a year. She is 29 and he is 28. Quite a change in the attitude of the Royals, eh? And i am sure she is NOT a virgin??? Ahh, lets not get into it. Kate (Catherine) played hard to get with ma chere, Will.  Diana never did that with Charles. She was completely astounded and confounded by his charms. Well, charming Charles was, in his 30's !
Now, Will was already under Kate's spell when he saw her first walking down the ramp. He asked her for a Kiss and she did refuse him eventhough he was a Prince. She was already  in a relationship. They were attracted to each other like MAGNETS. 
Then after some time they broke up which obviously led to a crazy frenzy everywhere!  She was already a sweetheart so the press followed her everywhere and released pictures of her having fun with other hot bachelors. She was basically showing Will what he was missing on. Her skirts grew shorter and so did her relationships with other guys. But secretly she was PLAYING HARD TO GET. (right on, i say) This is when William dear rushed back to her, said sorry, called her to his coming-of-age parade, and proposed to her FINALLY ! the fact here is - they both are crazy about each other and both were playing  hard to get.  

Sadly this was not the case for William's parents. Charles loved Camilla and Di loved Charles. Perfect triangle and a disaster. It's not certain whether Charles really loved/liked Di at the earlier stages of their courtship and marriage, but he was definitely very fond of her. In the middle of their almost 2 hour wedding ceremony, both of them quietly held each other's hands which was noticed by the Queen who smiled at their naughtiness! He cared for her, he liked her, she was the mother of his kids and maybe he loved her to a certain degree. 
But his heart was with Camilla Parker Bowles; always was and still is. Now she is his proud wife and the Duchess of Cornwall. Yes, she is nothing compared to Diana in terms of beauty, but finally Charles gets to be with the woman he adores and the one who loves him right back.

But WIlliam seems to love Kate as much as she adores him. Hope it works out for them. 

Hence the song by Fred Figglehorn best describes what happened between them. 
" Why ya gotta keep playing hard to get,
                When you know you really want me so bad,
            What's the matter are you scared to face the truth,
                About me and you. (Yeah) "
Kate did want Will bad. And he wanted her ever so bad, too. And now finally they are tying the knot. Fairy tale , i say guys.!   
 When am i going to get mine? 
          I think Harry is still open i reckon??


  1. And amidst the fairy tale like wedding ceremonies and the fancy outfits, I was missing out on minute yet interesting details. Wow.

    Nice blog btw. :)



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