I don't know how to start this off without crying. 
Yea, i am known to be quite a sentimental weeper especially when it comes to my Darling Father. 
I am a very Papa's Daughter and my cousin's, very aptly, used call me -  "daddy's tail".  Very apt indeed. 
I aspired to be like him- rational, cool headed, fun loving, adventurous and stylish.
I still aspire to be like him.
He sounds amazing, doesn't he? He is. 

And today i want to write about this amazing man-

the only man i can count on, 
the only man who ever changed my diapers,
the only man who will always be my hero, my hulk, my spider-man.
the only man who carried me on his arms till i was old enough to walk on my feet, 
the only man who will be at my side at any rush hour, 
the only man who can make me smile with just a word, 
the only man who knows what i want without even asking, 
the only man who said ' i feel in love with you when you first opened you eyes, 
the only man who finishes my sentences, 
the only man who wants me to try and strives to make me the best,
the only man who never fights back with me, 
the only man who knows what gives me comfort at night,
the only man who never compromises on anything for me,
the only man who knows me inside out,

the only man who calls me his soul,
the only man who is the essence of MY soul.

My Father. My Superman.

I never got around telling him how much i wanted to be like him and still do. 
I never got around telling him how much i love him. 
But today i did.
and i could sense his joy.

Today when i am leaving my teens and quite a rebel, i still seem to remember all these things i wrote above and how i am, still,  his little baby doll.
Yes, i am still your baby doll, daddy.And i love you so much. So much more than you can imagine.I just don't say it often. (something that i have been working on since the last couple of years) I am just lucky to have you; as a father, as philosopher, as my teacher and as my support system.Today, when you told me that i was your best investment ever, i couldn't help but smile. When you told me i was brilliant, i couldn't help but beam with pride.When you told me you fell in love with me when you first saw me, bundled up next to mama, i couldn't help but cry.

I don't know whether i am a good daughter or a bad one. 
For you, I'll strive to be the best.

I love you Daddy.
You are special.

I am already very teary -eyed.  I don't think i can write anymore. 

This was just another sudden burst of emotion for my lovely dad. But, i aways get so sentimental while writing anything about him that i fail to complete what i started. 

And today, again, i failed to complete my Ode to him :) i'll continue sometime again- minus the tears.

I need to call him and tell him i love him, something that have been doing for the past couple of years :)

Just one ' I love you Dad ' makes his day. 

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  1. loved this post...it made me love my dad too (even more)..:)

  2. *Awwwwws galore*
    I'm such a daddy's girl too and I actually felt every sentiment of this ode! :)
    I'm sure he's a proud dad too! :)


  3. this is so sweet. I can so relate to this. Thanks for sharing. It was nice reading this.


    Following you. and you know me through formspring. :)

  4. Thanks Meg :)
    I am following you too :P

  5. I love your dad tooo nazu !!


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