About me-  

Name- Farnaaz


Tall - 5'7
Hazel / light brown eyes and bed of curls

Introduction please.

- Conflict Resolution student.

- Love pajamas, shoes, jewelry, animals, comfort of my family and the smell of fresh laundry, new shoes, lush green of home
- Optimist (i strongly believe that i am Allah's favorite kid *no kidding*)
- Travel enthusiast. 
- Have no clue about makeup. 
- Lactose intolerant; but cheese happens to be my comfort food.
- Aspire to be like Groucho Marx.
- Hate darkness, closed spaces and pseudo intellects.
- Big foodie and hate to exercise.
- A big extrovert and mean to people i don't like (yes, sometimes knowingly)
- Possessive as a friend.

- Above all, totally believe in Karma. Yea its a bitch!

Wow! weird Blog Names, no ?

Oh dear, no! I am in Pjs all the time so actually it was the most apt blog name. I know its a little weird maybe but then I like weird. 

Who wants to be normal, brah?

Fashion Blogger ?

I would say-  No. I don't do any outfit post. Nor blog about any collection of a label. Its (fashion) an integral part of my life-  true, but i simply can't get up, change into nice clothes and pose in front of a camera. No patience and i am too shy for that.  I know  fashion blogging is not just that and trust me i would love to do it ( as soon as i have a camera, i know i'll start outfit post's) but the fact is - I am too lazy for all of that actually. I am like a lazy scientist who hardly experiments because laziness consumes me.

I call myself an illiterate in fashion because i don't follow it. Also, because i can't tell the difference between an autumn and a spring collection. Yea, i am not updated about it.  So i am not a Fashion Blogger. Not yet. Someday maybe. But no, not now.                        

Then ?

 It's a Lifestyle Blog. It's a personal diary. I write about food, my inner turmoil, my style, discovering make up, my travel journeys, politics and conflicts, etc etc etc. I am striving to make it one of the most vibrant blogs around.

Your Fashion.. Hmm, tell me about a fashion illiterate's Fashion sense.

Haha. I feel the sarcasm! When i say i am a wee bit fashion illiterate doesn't mean that  i am not fashionable ! Duh, where'd you come from ? 
I don't take it seriously at all.  It's a part of my life but i don't live by it or for it. I think any outfit will dazzle only if you have the perfect lipstick and the right pair of shoes.
Hence my fashion is very simple and very experimental. I love wearing loud colors and prints though! 

Stop with fashion quizzing me already!  i am feeling lazy to answer them now.

Where are thy situated ?

Up above the world so high. Precautions against a possible upcoming Stalker !!!.

Okay! Future Plans ?

I don't think about the future  much. There is not point doing that. But if you are asking what i want in life, here it is-  i have Big Dreams. I would love to - travel all around the world wearing all my favorite labels ( yes a bit of Jason Wu , Wang, The Row, McQueen, Gurung stuff ), become a professional artist and sell my paintings in millions, learn how to cook all cuisines, have wardrobe bigger than Mariah Carey's, make friends with Lady Gaga, have my wedding in a beautiful rain-forest with a shinning 8 carat diamond on my finger, settle in Greece and run a huge empire. Yes, i like power. Who doesn't?  

Wow. Okay one last question. Is that your image on top?

Hell no! Its Miles Davis, the Jazz singer. I got myself a copy of this painting. The real painting was done by none other then Donna Bruni. 
No, not Carla Bruni ! duh! God, where do you come from.!  


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