I strictly live by this rule- Reuse and Recycle. It sounds really nice doesnt it? The more it sounds nice the more its difficult to practice. 

For a year now i haven't picked up anything silly and expensive and haven't got a single clothing piece from Zara or any leading high street store like i used to before. I have been wearing my old clothes (approx 2-4 year old) still and with the help of new/old accessories, i always manage to give the whole outfit a different look. And yes, a lipstick always helps. Plus, loosing a lot of weight :D

Once in 6 months maybe i will splurge on unnecessary high end things that i need but for the whole year, i always try my best to control and recycle my clothes or go for major thrift shopping whenever i feel like buying something. 

*Oh no! Thrift shopping is no way near to high end shopping even though both includes the term shopping. Thrift shopping in more injurious to your bank balance? No. Die. And don't burst my bubble. Zen.. Zen.. Zen..*

But being the quintessential shoe addict and shopaholic, i still wiggle my way out of this mantra to buy things. I never regret it though. I just get inside my zen zone and keep repeating inside my head that the things i might pick up maybe very important. And coincidentally, it always turns out to be true. I am not a great wishlist maker or whatever you call it but i do have some things that i think are important to keep me stylish all through the year.

 Mustache or a Daniel Wellington watch

 Loose Powder from any good brand 
 Cut out Clutch
A blush
 M&S lingerie
 Candy colored bags 
Plaid shirts with gold accents
Metallic nail paint
A good Backpack
A sturdy tote/shoulder bag
Aztec print pants
b/w leggings
Black blazer

Yes this list is always revised and stuff are added all the time. But the point is all the stuff here are kind of basic things. I mean you can agree to disagree with me on this but its true ;)


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