So with shoes on my mind, all the time, these are the latest ones i am coveting for.
Giuseppe Zanotti the rose gold sling shoes.#mouthwatering#

All these three are from Giuseppe !

 Umm these are from Phillip Lim. And they are very yummmm..

Kate Spade. Just give me these as a gift already !

Michael Kors. See the heel. i saw similar (well almost similar heels) ones in Zara and they were on sale!. But in spite of getting my size in it, they really didn't look good on me. So i made a decision and didn't take it. So since i want a classic pair of lack court heels, these are my number one choice. But the problem is they are $300 :P

Edmundo Castillo. They are so cute and daily wearable. yea, they are something around $200 i guess.

You might think they look weird but i think they are totally cool, summer kinda shoes/wedges whatever you call them! Loeffler Randall. *hump* 

Jean-Michel Cazabat. Saw the similar style in black in Zara. But before i could go and lay my hands on them, it was out. But now i need it in either Orange or these printed ones.

Okay so some of these (Kors, Edmundo, Cazabat, Kate) are very similar to each other. But i cant help it; they appeal to the eyeee, well my eye atleast! 
Plus the colours! *woof*
And my lusting wont be complete without some Chloe S for OC .

So, i saw Alexa Chung wearing these to some party and i was like FUCK.

So easy and good looking Mary Janes. *gaggagagagaaaa*

So if you want them bad and ready to loosen your pockets, then head to, and you will find them. And don't forget to tell me which ones you picked up.

As for me, i am happy coveting for all of these till then.
So, which ones are you coveting for from this list?

Wait, before go take a piece of the song that i am listening-

Its so sweet and old! 
It sure puts a smile on my face every time. 
There is another version by Joan Jett which also is very cool.


This post is a guest post by Farnaaz. 
I hope you liked it.
(all images from Shopbop and google)


  1. Anonymous20.5.11

    Ohmygod I want the nude one with the flowers and the last two pairs so bad.

    Drop by, maybe we could follow each other?? =]


  2. Hey aditi :)
    I know they are very tempting. :P

  3. woww i love all the shoes...
    especially the last one^^

  4. Heyy girl, thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    I would definitely choose the guissepes, but they are all gorgeous!!
    lovely blog, I am following you too! xo

  5. Prena! thank youuuuu!


  6. i want/need those chloe s for opening ceremony boots, they're so sexy!!!


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