Yes, by they i mean ------   tadaaaa........MOVIES!
Its funny that i have not said a word about what a great Movie fanatic i am. Yes, like totally. :P
I love them, love love love them. I cant even imagine a world without a weird, crazy, funny movie !
I love, not every genre but, almost every genre. Romantic Comedies are my favouriteeeee! You have everything in it- a boy, a girl, some weird -funny -crazy plot, maybe a villain, a dramatic climax and happily every after.
Aaahh, after all, we all want our happily ever after, no? We need it in fact. And a movie which doesn't have it, kind of leaves us-  really wanting for more, kind of unsatisfied (don't get ideas) and reasons why the girl and the boy didn't have a happily ever after! 

Happens a lot to me. Now that was Rom Com, my second Favourite genre is Thriller. Yummmmmmmmm....Mystery can kill! So true. Especially if you are watching a Hitchcock movie, you just cant wait to skip to the ending and find out who was the spooky person doing all the nonsense killings or whatever.
Animation is my third favouriteeeeeeee! Aww, how can you forget The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Happy Feet, Shrek, Shark Tale, Wall-e.........Aren't you kinda stunned when you see these! I am!
Okay, after that comes ummm... i forgot is there another genre?! Horror, i guess and Sci-Fic, of course. I wont say they are my least favourite. I love the thrill it gives and yes, umm, the spooks too. Though i have very vocally said that am very scared of the dark (oh, i didnt? shit!), i still love to watch horror movies :P with company of course. I'll pee my pants f i watch it alone, dude. 
Why do i watch it if i am so scared? Well, just for the kicks. Some things in life you do it just for the kicks, people. 
Drama i am not very fond of.
Rest of the genres can go to hell. Oopps, did i miss anything?

Okay for your treat today, i would like to give you the reviews of the movies that have come and gone in the half of 2011.

Green Hornet- first big budget movie of 2011. It was okay. Seth is okay as the rich brat and Jay was good with the action. Diaz was just 'for kicks' guys. A bit disappointing. The whole thing. oopps, movie i mean, was very wannabe'ish.

No Strings Attached- total rom/com; was an average movie. All this talk about casual sex (!) never works as it usually finds it way, or should i say pave its way, to LOVE something that you dont want in casual sex, right? So even though the plot was very obvious we do love to see two good looking people have sex, now dont we?

Waiting for Forever- It was an okay movie and a rom/com. The guy is cute and a magician if i remember correctly (who doesnt want a magician boyfriend- gifts and flowers out of nowhere! aaah) and rachel is okay. Nothing great. Don't waste your money, if you havent seen it yet.

Gnomeo and Juliet- Ahhhh the first animation of the year and whatta treat.! A rom/com till the very bone and what more!? a copy (with a happy ending) of Romeo and Juliet. (**swinging like a weed to the names) Make sure you watch this as you will love the appealing voices of James McAvoy and Emily Blunt.

I am Number Four- one verdict , the guy is hot and i watched it for the hot guy. Rest, i dont know. :s

Beastly- Again the hot guy from I am number Four. okay his name is Alex Pettyfer. This is the modern scene of Beauty and the beast. Though i have no interest in the Beauty (Venessa Hudgens, seriously?!) i was certainly taken with the beast ;) It was okay, ending was as usual, very obvious. I would have liked it if the beast actually acted a bit beastly.  He just looked kinda ..scary.

Rango- Oh, **sniff**, you'll love this chameleon! Johnny depp voices this character! what more do you need?? Yes, it's a hit, now go and watch it already.

Red Riding Hood- watched it by mistake :s yea, bad guys. Amanda is good actress but even she couldnt save this movie from becoming an EPIC disaster. She looks so virginal with her red hood (oh, which she wears it only in the last scenes i guess) but this wasn't another movie of Virgin Mary ! It was about a little girl, gulped by a bad wolf. It's cool if you want to give everything a modern twist but at least make it with great detail and leave something for imagination :\ failed at the BO too. Sad, as it could have been epic. Loserish! Bah!

Source Code- yummm, i watched it for the man ;) Jake is such a beautiful man! oh..he is so...ahem , good in this movie. Surprisingly, it was a good watch. I wasnt paying much attention to Rotten Tomatoes( it gave the movie a 91% ) before watching the movie but its techo-thriller genre and the beautiful guy in it kind of, you know, pulled me towards it. It was like gravity ;) I liked it. 

Your Highness- ugh!, whatthehell. I watched it for the gorgeous Franco. It's silly in some parts and 'whatever' in some( actually the whole of the movie!) It doesnt attempt to make the audience sit whole way though it. I mean, the joke are gross, it's fantasy orientation is highly stupid (dont misunderstand, i love fantasy movies, just that this one killed the whole concept of it !) and even the cute Zooey had the limited role of only kissing Franco at the very sight of him (and screaming at the bad man to fuck her; yup she was possesed. Am i giving out the details??!) I mean when they are together (J and Z) in a scene , they are kissing all the time. Yea, jealous. Who would want to sit through this disaster?! Apart from that, Natalie is okay and Mcbride is sloppy and looks kinda old. I wont say watch it, coz its nothing awesome but watch it for the handsome Franco! If you love him as i do. 

Rio- can it get any more cuterrrrrr!!! It's so cute! the animations are taking it all away man! first GnJ then Rango then Rio! awesome movie! The blue will not disappoint you. Its the time for Animation baby!

Fast Five- Whooossss, what don't you expect in this movie, eh? It has hot boys (yumm Diesel! and Walker!) hot girls and fast cars. Every girls dream = i am happy. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - Watch it for Depp. Though nothing spectacular like the last one (remember the ship all off the edge of the river!) but this is no less. This one will definitely entertain you. It has mermaids, a hot guy, another hot guy, a hot girl, pirates and fountain of youth. Gulp it people, its here and it will leave you wanting for more. Depp, ahh, my dear depp; you in your uncanny, very gayish manner still have the ability (after four movies) to stun us with the same costume, character and habits. You rock us like a hurricane, every time baby.

Hangover 2- This was completely unnecessary. The last one was absolutely a thrill to watch with the suspense and stuff but this is a more crude and gross sequel. I mean the same story again! the drug, the memory loss, Tyson again! c'mon man! could have been way better but its not. It's silly and you'l feel you have already watched it before. Leaves nothing for imagination. Silly sequel with an okay cast. When the tag line said 'its back' i didn't realise they would bring the whole story back. Don't waste your money, just download.

Kung fu Panda 2- This one nailed it! Strong and at the same time sweet sequel which does justice to the characters. The adorable Po is back! and with a bang. It's a treat for animation lovers. Wont spill the beans here. Go and watch it. It's superb.

Today i watched Kung fu Panda. So i'll leave my list here. But its incomplete and there is more coming up.  BTW, this list of movies is a selected list made by yours truly. 
There are the ones that have been released and watched (i watched them all, yes) hence the comments that i have made are purely my own and i have not voiced some else's opinions. 
So chill guys; if you dont agree with me at a certain point about a certain movie, well that's too bad. But then, you always tend to beg to differ. SO its cool. 
Try and watch the animated ones coz till now, half of 2011, they seem to be ruling in a pretty strong way.

Which movie is your favourite, till now?


  1. Anonymous30.5.11

    ahem..haven't seen a single one =|

    How about a review on Water For Elephants???


  2. OHH was planning on watching Hangover 2...but have changed my mind...thanks for the valuable INFO.

  3. Rohinie- lol sorry for spilling the beans !but you can still sit through it. ;)

    Aditi- what??!!! you need to watch the animations at least! Yes, will watch WFE soon, in fact today :)so wait a lil.

  4. I seriously need to watch *gnoemo and juliet *..and *red hiding hood** too..!!this is like so helpful thanks a lot!..But out of the lot..i <3 Pirates..not because of depp but because mermaid s are in ti..lawl..!!..keep posting it..xoxo

  5. D- yes! u have to watch Gnomeo n Julietttttt!
    i loved the mermaids in Pirate 4 !!

  6. i LIKED hangover2!
    watching trailers is my favourite thing to do on youtube :D

  7. Mine too!!!
    Ahh, Hangover 2 was grossly okay and funny, but disappointing nonetheless. Shouldn't have expected too much out of it. My bad :s


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