Now  this is going to be heart breaking. I haven't rambled for a while now. Yes, thanks to Exams and exams. Pvt. Ltd.
Now, i have realised that i need to. 
Coz i have not been able to concentrate for a while now. On anything. 

I have been going through a strange thing for a while now. It was silly and immature. 
Not when it started.
When it started it was all flowers. The honeymoon phase.
Everything was pink, green, yellow; bright; happy.
Couldn't last as good things don't.
Then everything changed and the whole scenario too.

The honeymoon phase was gone and there was a harsh reality check. Welcome to the world.
Survival was a must. And i had to. 
What was i to do.? Weakling i was not meant to be. So here i was. A stud.
Responsibilities were many and then i lost touch.
Of you. But it was never as i didn't love you.
Then again i found you and it was all yellow.

It was fine until one fine morning i saw the other side of you. Obsession
Never was i brought up to be tamed.
Ego was assured and i refused to walk with you again. 
For months I was happily rocking my single boat.
Unknown to the fact that you had found a lovely soul. 

Suddenly we met again and things were back. Second chance
No issues were made. Past was past and forgotten.
Dreams were sketched again. Bubbles everywhere.
What wasn't pushed aside was the insecurity inside you.
Of which i never had a feel.

Until that magic boy came to me, who was so real. my Best friend
Whom I was yearning to see for all these years.
Suddenly the jealous tweak was up galore.
Surprising it was, to see it all out.
Sadly i knew the puppy love was all but gone.
But regretting is something that i don't.
Accepting was all i wanted him to do.

But he couldn't, so i let him go. Broke up for good
It was sad and hard, and i don't kid.
I know i never showed the pain nor winced.
But how ever i said that we had time.
It finally ran out and and it was time to reclaim my life.

Lets talk about the magic boy for a while.
Who was never mine to cherish and never the love of my life.
In fact he was the only consistent pillar whom i liked
Who will, i hope, will love me till i die. 
The sweetest boy ever alive.
I wish i had loved him the way i loved the other guy.


So here i am, all full of love again
Loved many, but alone again
Positivity is some thing that is coming to me again.
Find Your love, it cried.
As love is feeling that never dies.
All i have to do is find my Prince Charming 
And make my own Happily ever after
For finally i will be my beloved's and he will be mine.

Image from Truly Yours

I know its kinda long. I had a lot in me. All these feeling are yours now. I have shared my bit.



Love to hear from you.


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