No that's not me speaking. That's Marilyn Monroe.
But i do have the same thinking or say habit. No, i dont wear Chanel but i do wear Dior ;) 

There is nothing better than a sweet smell on you all day and ahem, night too. (am i the only one who loves to wear perfume to bed??! apart from the late Miss Monroe??)
Sometimes i don't feel the need to wear clothes when i am using my best perfume! 
I just wish it was me and my perfume all the way - without any clothing !!!

I am a perfume whore. That's putting it simply. I can pick up any perfume from any brand. Yes, provided they are good and have the type of smell that i want. I dont fuss over buying top most brands (all the time, i.e, remember i am a student!!)  Any ways my budget is too tight to want a Dior or Chanel always (duh)! 

Btw do you use your perfume according to your mood. Coz that's exactly what i do !

Have you ever felt that Eau de Toilette (men's perfume, putting it simply) smell better than Eau de Parfum ( women perfume) ?
I always felt that. So, just a week ago i indulged in my first ever Eau de Toilette!! Lol, and i am so happy with it! Who wants a man when you have a wonderful perfume to give you company! And anyway i prefer perfumes to men since -
they stay longer, 
you can carry it everywhere,
it leaves a sweet fragrance, 
you can wear it to bed every night
and it always satisfies you ;) 
Yes, you can see the sexual connotations. ;)

Currently, i am using/have some of these perfumes. Some of them are really old as i am very zealously waiting to use them at the right moment ;) Andddd... I have rated them also according to my satisfaction! ;) 
Btw I may not have a great nose for perfumes but they are very affordable for a student so you can indulge :)
Burberry, weekend- using it (3.8/5)  good, light summery.

Burberry, tender touch- just finished using it (4.5/5) leaves you very satisfied!

Elizabeth Arden, green tea - gift from daddy. (3.9/5) haven't used much yet

Body Shop, aqua lily- gift from aunt, finished using it (5/5 !) was the best! stays for the longest time!

Elizabeth Arden, sunflower- again a gift from daddy (3/5) very strong but it stays.

Bvlgari, omnia- using it (4.2/5) its like sex!

UCB, be clean- gift from ex.boyfriend, finished using it (3.5/5) was good and refreshing.

Dior, addict- old but haven't used it yet. (4.8/5) its Dior and i am saving it up for a certain someone.
Armani, acqua di goia- gift from uncle, haven't used it yet (5/5) its Armani and again i am saving it up.
DKNY, be delicious- my first men's perfume. (4/5 for a girl !) its very delicious and i am stingily using it.!

These are the only ones i remember right now. Rest later. My next buy will be CHANEL NO. 5, for which i have been hopelessly saving up for years (but somehow the money just disappears!)
In my 3 year stay in Delhi, i have used more perfumes than shoes. 

news- Katy Perry has come out with her own perfume. Its called Purr..
I don't know about the perfume but i love her dress!!


First thing that attracts me to a man, other than all other things, is - the Perfume he uses ! So, now you know the secret to make me crazy about you, boys- without clothes + some sexy perfume ;)

While we are at it, here, take a piece of Pefume- the story of a murderer ! its fantastic!!

My question to you- Which perfume are you using now?



  1. My favourite men's eau de toilette is Truth by CK. My boyfriend uses it and it makes me swoooooon <3

  2. Oona- i can see the loveee. I gifted my then boyfriend the same ;)Its amazing.

  3. 1.chance-chanel...its divine and its chanel. need i say more?
    2.provocative woman- elizabeth arden. u won't have to burn a hole in your pockets for this one, esp if ur a student. and its stays longer.
    3.just me-paris hilton. its very like her. attention grabbing but not much substance. :P

  4. I am currently using Chance - Chanel too sweety!
    I like Arden :) very student friendly :P


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