I know i have been away lovelies! but what to do? too much going on with college and stuff. Bleh!
So, finally i have something special for you-  STORY! yes yes yes, its story time! 
Its called The Devils Bride.

the devil called me. 

he has been calling me since the day he saw me committing a sin. (i was stealing just a loaf of bread!). his calling wasn't something that we see in movies. instead it was temptation, greed, hunger and things humankind wants to be away with. he was looking out for me. he was keeping a track of me and what sin i might end up doing next. i knew what he was doing. i knew he was watching. i knew he was there, here, everywhere. but what happened next, wasnt my fault. i should have known better. i should have known what was the devil after. it wasnt just me.

he was smart, fast and cunning; everything i ever wanted. he was moving towards me and so was i. i was hesitant and then i was not. because he was smooth and he played like man who knew his business. he had effects on me and i am not sure how deep it was. had to be pretty deep. he wanted to do things. things that only happened in fantasies. in my fantasies. i was greedy and it showed. he laughed and said slow. i gave him a leverage and he was unstoppable. what more, my mind was not functioning. 
he made me sin and i wanted to commit more sin. his tactics were very smooth and it was a ride above the stars. please dont end! - i was screaming in my head. but it did.

Slowly i realized what i had done. A sin. I looked over to him after the stunning performance, wanting to see love in his eyes. But instead i see red pupils and the devil sigh. I saw him laughing. He was the Devil, indeed, and he was laughing. Laughing at me!
I realized what had happened. he had tempted me and i, like a greedy Eve, fell for the unholy, the devil, the Satan.
The apple was bitten and i fell from grace.

He was slouching and crouching on the holy mess and came to me with a smile which wanted me to sin more. no, he was the devil. and he seems to be in command of me. Unlike a satisfied woman, i was like a withered flower. he was very near, mocking me. he was going on about how righteous i was and how a little temptation made me unholy; almost like a devil. 
NO!, i shrieked. i am not like him, not like you. he taunted and mocked and everything seemed to be true. i realized he knew me far better than anyone. how? i questioned myself. 

He answered it smoothly- he was the devil, the Satan. When i asked why he was here, he answered again with a gaze so intense that my thoughts were almost loud and clear. NO! he was the devil and he will never have me. But he already did- over and over again. 
I gave myself and like a treacherous woman, i was ready to do it again.
but no, he was the devil..... 

to be contd. 


  1. Love the new header!

  2. Your new header is adorable! And this was a really great story- you're a talented writer! x

  3. wow i love your new headerrr!!!

  4. love the new header...and the story :)


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