*Will the real slim shady please stand up! I repeat...*

*Yawn* i know i know. I AM RANDOM.

But today i have a treat for you. Shady here today is this amazing talent package of a girl, who almost made the concept of DIY a reality :) and she is really coollllllllll;  who answered my, almost, umm.. 50 questions.


Lol, jokes apart she L O V E S C L O T H E S  and i seem to love them too (lets hope one day she will gimme a present, ahh!) and we both have names that start with a R btw. (yes, i am partial, please!)

Budding designer, new-in college student, blogger- ROHINI RAI  people :)

So this interesting interview happened this way. I just randomly asked her to answer almost 50 questions! (yes, she is very sweet.) you know i am random, so i kinda took advantage of it!
But holy moly!!
She managed to answer almost all of them and now i feel i know her so much better! I know. She is a darling :)

And now i present to you the full shoot of an interview and the very savvy Rohini of B E C A U S E I L O V E C L O T H E S.
Yes, i love her clothes too!

Name-Rohini Rai
Birthday- 6th November 1991
You live at- New Delhi (hometown –Gangtok,Sikkim)

And it begins-

1.       Fashion according to you is?       

For me Style and Fashion are two different things…though it is always associated together .
       Fashion for me is something that comes in and goes out. Lets take Maxis for example,my mum used to love it during her time, then it was almost extinct,and now theyre back with a big bang. Fashion is temporary.
Whereas each individual has their own Style and it is something that you always carry with yourself,whatever you do. You eat in style, live in style, walk in style , talk in style. Style is eternal.

(me: gawking at her! yes, i dont know a damn thing and i did think fashion and style means my PJs!)

2.       Wardrobe classics that will look great 10 years down the line?

-          Denims ofcourse!
-          Ballerinas
-          LBDs
-          Trenchcoats… they're my all time fav.
-          Oversized bags
-          White shorts
-          Boyfriend blazers
-          Pashmina shawls (of all colors)

3.       Five items in your closet you can’t do without?
-          My oversized shirt from F21…comfy as hell
-          My pleated pants.
-          My Zara power-shoulder blazer.
-          My leopard scarf
-          My longhorns vintage bag

4.       Have any bad buys, yet?
Yes, I've had one.
A floral Kaftan…gorgeous as hell,but its see-through-ness has prevented me from wearing it in any way. A tank and shorts underneath is a necessity if I have to wear it…and I think its more comfortable to wear only the tank and the shorts with some accessories than to wear the Kaftan over it.

5.       What will wear on a date? You do date right? (look at me! trying to be all funny!)
Lol…yes I do date.Well the outfit depends on where Mr. X takes me for the date.
-If he takes me to an amusement park, I’d  probably wear denim shorts, an oversized tee (my fav.) with a lot of chunky accessories, and loafers and a sling bag.
-If it’s a movie date, I’d wear a nice floral dress with a boyfriend blazer and oxford shoes…and not to forget…appropriate accessories.
- If he takes me for a romantic dinner, I’d definitely wear a LRD with sky-high stilettos  and lots of diamante to accessorize me.
- If rock concert…the Faux leather jacket,basic black tee, ripped jeans and booties.^^

6.       You favorite shopping destination. (place)?

-          Bangkok (Pratunam Street). (screaming** TAKE ME TOO!)

7.       Your favorite brands?

-Forever 21
-Topshop (please come to India)
-Forever New

8.       You have a fetish for?


9.       Latest favorite accessories and trends you follow?

-Large chunky rings,pendants,bracelets
-belts of all sizes
- headbands
- turbans
- bags of all types- satchels,slings,clutches
-geek wayferers  ( i am a fashion retard!)

10.   Latest buys?

-Pallazzo pants
- striped shirt
-floral shorts
-floral maxi
-leopard ballerina  (none of which i have.)

11.   Biggest fashion mistake a person can make?

-A person should dress according to the place and occasion…if someone fails to do so…then , the Fashion Police is on its way. (thank god i dont understand it! >..<)

12.   How would you describe your closet?

A “messy” wonderland of hangers draped with my favourite garments where it is kind of difficult to locate one particular apparel when it is most needed…and which has a “do not explore”  section which has all my un-fashionable ,outdated stuff and my old-favourites.

13.   If money were no object to you- what would you add to your budding closet?

A knee-high platformed Jimmy Choo boots. (so much more for me!)

14.   You would never leave home without?

My Revlon Eyeliner
My Lotus Sun-Block
Lakme Compact
Lip Balm

15.   Any Indian brands/designers you love?


16.   Your favorite blogs?

www.brownplatform.blogspot.com  (dang! i didnt make the list!)

Up and personal (yes, tell me what you thinking!)

You are most enthusiastic about? (spiders, spiders??!)

-Nothing in particular

Favorite Music/books/movies?

-music…RnB ,anything by Nicki Minaj
Book- HP, Mills n Boon, Shopaholic Series, The pursuit of happiness.
Movies- HP (again), X-Men First Class, The Notebook, No Strings Attached, Jodhaa Akbar( watched it 7 times) (and i watched it 12 times :D)

 Prized possessions?

-My Fav. Pearl necklace gifted by my mom.
-My Blog of course!
-My swatch watch gifted by my boyfriend^^

Romance to you is-?

Giving me a shoulder to lean on when im going through difficult times…sounds weird …nothing so romantic right!!!   (very in fact, love! you have no idea)

The happening thing in your life now?

Start of my college life…^^
Living in Delhi with my bff.   

Most embarrassing moment in your life?

Countless…Cant remember a particular one though.

 According to you which are the hot spots (places) to be in right now?

Rio, Brazil( i second that. Daddy, are you listening?)

Must haves in a person’s life (can be anything)?

A pet dog
A best friend
A sewing machine…you could end up making something beautiful
A camera

Fashion icons?

Coco Chanel and Lady Gaga (my my my, she is reading my mind!)

Rapid fire (ooo, i love it!)

Three most glamorous girls

             Sonam Kapoor, Rosie Huntington from Transformers and Oona from www.thebilletdoux.blogspot.com  

Three most glamorous guys

           Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Vin Diesel, Robert Pattinson

Three fad words you are constantly using?


Chocolates or green sprouts?


Three favorite Bollywood and three favorite Hollywood movies?

            Jodhaa Akbar
            7 Khoon Maaf

           Harry Potter series
           What Women Want
           X-men First Class

Skating or fashion blogging or romance on ice?

            Fashion Blogging

A walk in the rain or sweethearts company?

            Sweethearts company  (i wouldnt be walking in the rain if i had a boyfriend too, you know!)

Long drives or net surfing?

            Long Drives

 Discotheques or party at home?

            House Parties

Day dreams or adventures?


Three Favorite movie quotes?

           “ Ek Chutki Sindoor ki Keemat, Tum Kya Jaano Ramesh Babu”

Three websites you can’t do without?


Three brands you can’t live without?

            Forever 21

 Prada or Marc Jacobs?

            Marc Jacobs

Three cuisines you love to eat?

            Anything Italian
            Tibetan-Momo, Noodles,…etc
            Korean-Kimbap,Ramyon,black bean noodles.

Ogres, zombies or mummies?

           Eeekkkk…….ummm I guess I’d prefer ogres…I find them dumb..so maybe I could trick them…MAYBE…^^

Daniel or Pierce or Sean as James Bond?

            Im loyal to Daniel  (i see the blonde effect!)

Harry Potter or twilight?

           Harry Potter…but if I had to choose between Radcliffe and Pattinson…I would definitely choose Pattinson…<3

Shoes or Pumps? Three reasons.

            -makes me look tall
            -its sexy
           -its glamorous

somehow, i just love this picture and the dress ! her design, people!!

If you were.....(one word please!)

1.       If you were in a rock band, you would name the band as..

        Arcane…that was my band’s name back in high school^^ (i feel dumb! she had a band, guys!)

2.       If you were a transformer, what would you transform into..

      Optimus Prime…no no… Rosie Huntington…lol

3.       If you were a drink, you would be a..

     Red Red wine…sexy eh.  very darling, very. so very that SEX is the right word here. Yes, red wine=sex ;) 

4.       If you were a fruit you would be..


5.       if you could become an expert in one style of dance , you would pick..

     Street 3

6.       If you had your own talk show, your first three guests would be..

     Sidhartha Mallya  (this dude is pickin up lots of fans eh?)
     Abhay Deol

7.       If you could look like anybody who would it be..

     Ha Jae Kyung from the Korean drama “Boys over flowers”

8.       If you were Juliet who would be your romeo..

     My Boy <3  ( i feel ze Love!!)

9.       If you had just won a $ 1,000 where and how would you spend it..

     (Wouldn’t waste that money on flying abroad…sooo…) Vasantkunj…in an impulsive shopping spree

10.   If you were a country you would be..

     India^^ (how i love!)

11.   If you were a color you would be..


12.   If you could have invented something, it would have been..

     I pod. 

13.   If you were any fictional character you would be..

    Catwoman ( damn! i feel ze latex already, R ! :D)

14.   If you could be another language you would speak..


15.   If you could wake up as anyone tomorrow you would be..

     Coco Chanel…reborn (had no doubt about this answer)

16.   If you could have super power you would ..


17.   If your house was on fire what 3 things would you grab..

     This is difficult…laptop, Phone, A suitcase (full of my clothesJ n shoes.) 

18.   If you were a flower you would be..

     Red Rose

19.   If you were a car you would be..


20.   If you could have dinner with any person dead or alive he would be and where would you go..

      Prabal Gurung…in Yeti, the Himalayan Restaurant in Delhi.

21.   If you were stranded in a desert you would be dressed in..

     Denim Shorts, Basic Tee and my adidas superstar

22.   If you could wear just one perfume you would choose..

     Chanel No 5 (uh oh me tooooo!)

23.   If you could get rid of one thing you would..

     Fats  (my god, Yes!!)

24.   If you could be invited to one persons party it would be..

     Nicki Minaj (check it out check it out!)

The web is wide. Are you scared f it sometimes as you have your pictures in your blog?

     Yes, sometimes…but what is life without risks??? lol   

What are you goals?

      As a blogger- to entertain my readers…and most importantly, to entertain myself.
      As a student- to become successful in any venture that I take up.especially in the field of Fashion…since i  am planning to pursue Fashion later in life.

Your final words..
Thank you Pajama Diaries for the feature…It is a great honor indeed…The entire questionnaire was soo much fun…had a great time answering all of the above questions…Do keep entertaining us, your fellow readers, with your wonderful posts…I Love Your Blog <3

** sniff sniff **!  beautiful. Thank you, sweetheart :)

Okay she said it!! She loves me!! She loves this blog! Yes, finally!!!!
          Ahem, okay i am not having a seizure!  :D
I love you too, hon! :D
This was so much fun wasnt it. It was like slipping her some Veritaserum or something like slicing her brain, di-secting it and getting answers!
Okay, the latter is disgusting so we shall stick to the former :\

Tata for now and i shall be back before you know it with something RANDOM ! (yes, random again!I am random for gods sake!)

IMAGES used- all images i are wacked from Rohinis blog, with pride. Oh, i forgot to tell her!! Bummer!! Sorry my dear!

Btw DEVOUR her designs (yes, i stole these pictures too and i am showcasing her designs without consent! Shit again! Please R dont send me to jail!

B E C A U S E I L O V E C L O T H E S  click click~~ :)



  1. LOL...that romantic thing...im feeling dumb...
    and thank you sooo much honey...
    yes it seems like u had sent me a bottle of veritaserum along with the mail...lol

    thanks once again love<3

  2. Wow~ So proud of you Tabu...I am glad u're getting your thing out and people are noticing you for it. and awesome blog page BTW! :)

  3. wow! this was one hell of an interview.. long yet so interesting! loved reading it. :) I have been reading her blog, came to know more about her because of this.

    Thanks for sharing. ;)



  5. :) fo sho Tanika and thank you.

  6. fantastic everything!!! <3

  7. Hi Rosie!!
    Her style is gorgeously effortless and natural, I love that. I also love reading interviews like this (this one was deliciously thorough!) because I love to learn about other people. Perfect. xxx

  8. Thank you all. she is lovely!
    Claudia, i am glad you loved the interview! xxx

  9. Anonymous12.7.11

    Only 1 word is perfect 4 u "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

  10. Nice interview! Just a bit long... :D

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  12. great interview. it was fun going through them!!

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