Hello ? Hello ? 
Why dont you visit me nowadays? 

You thought i was gone? NO! i am right here. always here.

Eh, well actually life is full of spiral crazies for me :D meaning, surprises. My lifestyle is going haywire!
I dont blab and rattle anymore; have become secluded and more observant. I guess its nothing to be startled by. Its called SPIRAL CRAZIES of life. ;) taking life as it comes. Yahooooo!!.

So first things first, there are so many GIFs i want to show you but lemme show you these  first.

YAY! my gift to my pretty cousin! Inspired Mulberry ALEXA! she had been running after these for so long ! All thanks too Classy and Fabulous (I love you! <3) who ran after impossible things and too much trouble while getting her this bag.  

My moms old Chanel wallet! Awwwwww.. She sent it to me! Its as good as new but now the logo has obviously changed and one can mistake it for a Chloe or a Carolina Herrera now. But, hello its my Moms and now mine, ahem ahem ..vintage Chanel wallet. No, i dont think i will use it :D

Yes, yes. My cousins NEW-IN Birkin :) its not in a very good shape she says. The courier package was not stamped as GIFT hence the customs made a ruckus and had a field day with my lamb of a cuzzy paying them almost Rs.1500 :\  Annoying. She is not carrying this as half of the leather is off, according to her! 
i mean CAN YOU SEE IT?!  Please!

Oh yea. HOT. Say hello to Farnaaz who says she went to this very happening party- dressed like a freak in pants!
But hey ?! DONT WE LOVE IT!? 

Pants no pants, when it comes to the HOTNESS quotient she scores it with the RED hot lips, unkempt HAIR(total frizzy and curly!!) and the SEQUINS shrug. 
And and and....Brownie points for not wearing something that she feels is uncomfortable and looking like a rock star even in Pants :) 

And now i shall leave you with a nice thought- If you have someone special in your life, dont take him/her for granted. Make each day special. Your Love will be immortalized with every little things that you do for this person. 
Love is afterall the only force and joy that keeps us thriving till the very end.

I dont have that SOMEONE yet. But when i do, my story will be this. :) 

Kiss your loved ones and let them know you care. 
and i love you guys too.



  1. :D
    tell her to start fashion blooggiiiiiiing!

  2. she really looks great !! And I lovee that 2nd bag !! Its HAWTTTTT !!! nd half of the leather is off?? Where from?? :O :O

  3. Fashion Phd- I have been telling her like FOREVERRRRR! i think she needs wee bit of motivation! why dont you try telling her!

    Nitika- Came by courier its the Hermes Birkin bag. She got it as a gift from her cousins. :)

    and thanks for all the compliment guys. I will pass it on to her!

  4. Anonymous15.11.11

    Yay finally a post :D

    Okay so all the bags and wallets are absolutely fabulous and there's nothing I love more than unkempt hair red lipstick and pants. Thumbs up from me.


  5. Anonymous18.11.11

    i heart that bag!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Lovely scarves and gorgeous bag.
    You look very pretty.

  8. ♥ her lipcolor! can you ask her which brand & shade shes wearing?(if you dnt mind ^_^)
    & the Scarf if FAB!
    Hey hun,Thanks for being a follower of my blog "Glamorous Barbie" :))
    I just want to inform that I have changed my blog,I would really appreciate if you could follow my NEW blog She rockin them Stilettos
    I am following you already.
    Waiting for you!

  9. I think it's completely ok to wear pants to a party! She looks hawt..the lipstick does it all and not to forget the sequins!


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