The whole experience of having a new toy (or in my case, a new header) is overwhelming. 
Okay i maybe exaggerating but when you create a new header, you keep on staring at it and maybe sometimes ( for example in my case ) you are at awe of yourself, thinking/muttering - How did i come up with such a brilliant idea? Right? Wrong? Well, whatever.

So i have been wasting (rather constructively) browsing a lot many online shops in Facebook. And while in one of my many hunts, i found these beauties. These leopard print babies (purely for winters and if you are brave enough during summers too) are my new obsession. Found them at Fashion Cult on sale and the shipping free (scored, right ?) They are not what is saw on the pictures, btw. But since these are a crazy dupe of Steve Madden loafers, i decided not to raise an issue about it with the owner of the shop. Otherwise, imagine getting something different than what you asked for. God, thats pathetic!

If you ask me what why loafers? Well, this winters too, i plan on wearing them but obviously this time i will make it a bit more fun by adding popping colors. I have my eyes on others like these too but that i will show you once i have them finally on my hands. Savvy.

- So how was your weekend? 

- What interesting did you eat this week?

I hardly know all my followers and i swear, i would love to know you all. There is just a bit of interaction gap and i am trying rather hard to bridge it. 

So help me, peeps! Stay blessed till then.


  1. Those flats are really chic!! I wish they had in my size as well :(
    And well the header is really creativee :)

    My weekend was uhmm pretty boring.. I had an invite for the Delhi Couture week - which unfortunately I couldn't attend at the last moment :(
    And uhmmm I ate tempting Mexico Sizzlers with a friend at a food court in Select City Walk, DElhi!! :)


  2. Thats a great find!

  3. I completely agree on the header thing, once I have a new one I keep staring at it for ages lovingly. :) I love the new header and look, easy to navigate and very pretty.

    The shoes look amazing! :)

    Weekend was pretty good in fact! :) Fun with family and relaxation.

    Interesting thing I ate: Food at Mc Donalds is as interesting as it got last week! :D HAHAHAHHA



    New post is up on the blog! :)

  4. the new header is really good. it even gives ur blog a matured look. i love it too :)

  5. I kept reloading my page and staring at my super cool minimalistic header too when I changed it!(I had an image as my header before).
    I swear I must have given myself the maximum page hits in all time.
    Love your's, its pretty cool!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  6. the header is nice and totally deserves all the admiring!

    I love ur style of writing, great going. I'm ur newest fan! :)



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