Yea , that's a question i used to ask myself everyday.

Truth is, i did something for the first time and i think i kinda liked it. I stopped blogging for a good 4 months. Yes! And i kind of enjoyed it, you know. Sitting and just checking others blog, getting sucked into Tumblr, online shopping. And i did all that without even updating my own blog (yea i know you don't HAVE to update) Naturally i was itching to write but my mind went- no, give it a rest. And i gave in.

A good 4 months. Well, i just didn't decide to off air suddenly. I was lost and i had no inspiration. Yea, i said it. NO inspiration at all. What did this blog say about me (apart form the fact that i am terribly lazy)- nothing. Nothing at all. And blogging became a drag. 

Then i decided to go off air, even though my Facebook page was alive. I liked doing that only- uploading nice pictures on my page, because it wasnt really an effort. It was a pain jumping to Blogger and updating nuances of my life- let alone fashion. God, i was so sick of it! Its not that i used to update all the time, but still i was sick of it! 

And really not me to let go of something that i have put a lot of effort in, to sit and just stare at it and feel sad about it. I wanted to kill my blog. Be done with it. Start fresh. But then i realized  -why waste the effort? All i needed was- FOCUS. ( Its funny how a small word makes you realize the silliest of things.) To realize this - it took me a good 4 months.

And now after 4 months, i have accepted a fact. I am not a fashion blogger. I am a lifestyle blogger. That is my focus now. And i think i will live. Today and tomorrow. 

And that's me. Singing in. Starting fresh. Not letting it be a drag. And inspiring others. And its time to focus. 

Lets make it big. Shall we?

All images from Tumblr


  1. Oohh, I love such posts. Heartfelt! <3
    A break is necessary every now and then.

    Can't wait to see lots of posts Ms Lifestyle Blogger :)

    Welcome back.


    P.S: I didn't cut my hair! :D Never would. Just a hairdo I did with the amateur hair skills. LOL.


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