Today i am scratching off another thing on my wishlist.  Clutches. Both are from Accessorize and i got them both on sale. It was the wedding season and i seriously had no pretty clutches to even put my phone in. *don't tell me you can eat well while clutching your phone on one hand!* 
Damn right, I like to eat with my fingers and damn right, i don't want my phone even near me while i eat.  

Now after lots of looking at unnecessary places, i ended up in this usually-pretty-decorated place which had huge display boards which read SALE. Lets admit it, we love that! We live for sales! And this doesn't even have to be anything related to us being Indians! Yes, we love the sale time. Period.

I went inside thinking i wont find anything at all and came out with these pretty pieces which are absolutely necessary. Both of them had chains inside which made it pretty convenient to carry it around and especially when i eat *scoffs* 

Lets not talk about the color. Or shall we? Red and Sap green?  I wanted 2 bags in white and black. I was trying to be safe and we all know how well B/W goes with everything right. I couldn't find a white so i took a red. Yes, well red is me playing safe. Anddddd.. green is the new black. Hmmm. Well, no actually. I couldn't find a black so i took a green. Upside, green bag will go with all primary colors. Downside, its green and not black. 

Ah, well at least my problem was solved in a single store. Accessorize!  I am really armed for the wedding season again. Bring it on and lets see who can eat the most this time! 


Stay blessed, peeps.


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