Once a month i am allowed to buy something that i covet for. Something on my wish list. And for a long time a pair of nude heels was jangling on my list. I was actually quite surprised that i couldnt find a single pair of nude heels that fitted my budget.

I saw a lot many of them, to tell you the truth, but while waiting at the billing counter i would always re-think about my purchase. I keep thinking - Is it worth it? Is it the perfect nude heels i want to carry home ? And blah blah blah. So much for these questions popping in my head, to which the answers would always be a NO! that i would, in the end, let go of the shoes, meek a sad sorry at the counter people and go back home disappointed. Always disappointed.

I mean how difficult is it to find a good pair of nude shoes? Obviously a lot. Especially when its me we are shopping for. Because lets face it.
#1.  I am a moody sonofabitch. Yea. *that felt nice to accept the obvious* And my total shopping experience depends on what crazy mood i am in.
#2. Money. I hardly have it! I mean, it just disappears! College life sucks because we need to adhere to a strict budget. And when you are dependent on your father, you better stick to the budget, bro.
#3.  I like everything to be a little eclectic, crazy, different. So basically, when i say i need the perfect nude shoes, i mean i need nude shoes with a different touch to it. It has to be different. The usual is a little too dull for me.  You get me? Of course you do(nt)! 

So, self bashing later and lets come back to the point- a hunt for nude shoes in a budget. Now that glorious day came when i entered Forever 21 and *good god* there was a special discount on these nude heels. Being a size 39 is crazy sometimes because you hardly get them during sales. (its true ya!) So imagine my surprise when i did manage to find a 39 in these. I tried it, walked for some seconds and finally, after i ticked off all the questions in my head , i walked straight to the billing counter without further ado. I am taking it and thats the end to it!

What made it special? I think because it had a block like heel , which was important because i am a heavy built girl and i need a sturdy heel for the support, and also the added shiny metallic like strap did the trick. I like anything metallic nowadays. The shiny strap was an added bonus.

All in all it was a happy day. A happy month actually. Something is off my wish list! Something which was so basic that i took 4 months to find the perfect pair!! Yea, i suck sometimes. But hey, the heart wants what the heart wants.

I hope you all find your perfect nude shoes too in your particular budgets.

Have fun and stay blessed.


  1. I know what you mean. I've now got 3 shades of nude shoes for different types of outfits :P


    1. This is my second pair after thoroughly using the first :P Thank goodness i found one to my liking. :D


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