A pair of Turquoise earrings has been in my Wishlist for long now. Something subtle and light. That stands out with a pop of color. 
Earrings and me, well, lets say, we don't go along hand in hand. I prefer not to wear earrings at all. I find it darn irritating while i sleep and it doesn't matter how small it is, i hate the fact that something is sticking to my ear while i sleep or getting tangled to my already messy curly hair. Sometimes when it is really mandatory i try to steer away from the huge-ass ones and prefer something light but that makes quite a statement. Yes, i am quite difficult like that

So, i was in a hunt for a nice pair but as God would have it, i was truly unsuccessful. Then my dear man-friend came to the picture and ordered these from this online store called XOXO Accessories on my birthday. I think most of you know about this online shop. And if you don't, you will thank me for introducing it to you *even though your spouse wont!*

Why Turquoise? Well, i have recently discovered that this color matches a little with my eye color. (LOL- okay thats a disgusting reason for wanting a particular pair of earring.) I was just kidding. Actually it is the only color that contrasts really well with red lipstick, and i almost live/breath in red lips. It doesn't matter what occasion or no occasion it is, you will always find me armed with red lips. I think that's why its was absolutely essential for me to find something that goes well with it and also which i can wear with any given outfit. Plus, it had to really light so that it doesn't irritate the life out of me.

Yes the size, the look, the shape everything matters when you want to pick up that one earring that will go with all your outfit and is really hassle free. Well, thanks to my man-friend, i have scored in getting myself one of that really essential pair of earrings that can jazz up anything in a very dull day.

No 1. thing on my wishlist has been scratched, thanks to my very supportive friend who decided to give me something out of my wish list. Score!  Try to tick off something essential from your wishlist this month. It will make your life easier, trust me. :D  Scratching the earring out of my list vehemently now!

Have a safe day, you all. Stay blessed.


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