Now, before you gasp in total excitement that i have finally joined the fashion blogging bandwagon- Calm Down. I haven't. I wish. But no. Its not also an OOTD. No it wasn't. I was in my jeans and wore the skirt only when i was going out for the night. 

Its not like i have any qualms about doing a OOTD, but i am not going to lie on my own blog. Well, i can, but i wont. And yea, i kind of like this picture so i thought of putting it up. It reminds me of how adopting a different style can change your whole outlook. The new style here was the Skirt obviously.  *and the lipstick if you think*

I am not a very skirt person. Not into midi/mini/whatever sonofagun skirt you are talking about. Not that i cant. I am a little conscious. Ok i am underplaying this. I am Very conscious. Never mind me being this confident girl ;  when it comes to wearing skirt, it all goes for a bloody toss. I just cant get myself to wear a short skirt. A long one? Yea why not. But when it comes to a short one i am just too conscious. I have no clue why! 
Oh! whom am i kidding. I know why. The unwanted stares. They make me conscious. I really don't want to get into the details but lets just agree that these unwanted stares are one of the biggest problems we face as women in India right now. It kind of takes our most crucial right away- the right to wear what we want. 

I can discuss about this issue in lengths but lets not fray from the topic. The new skirt look. While it has already been establish that i get conscious while wearing one , i still went ahead and picked up this skirt during my vacay in Sri Lanka. It was pretty and i absolutely had no clue how to or when to style/dress it after i got it. I was actually meaning to gift it to some random people but i just couldn't part with it. I think it was the way it flowed.and the cut. I realized that it was one of those pieces that can be worn during the day and with a little help can totally be transformed into a night essential too. I decided to keep it. 

The other day i decided that i will take it out for a spin. So i wore it for my girls night out and trust me, it was a good move on my part. Since the skirt ended way below my knees, i wasn't even conscious and felt way liberated more than anything else. I didn't need to jazz it up with anything else apart from a little lipstick and flats *later i changed into black pointed toe heels* and i was done. I don't use makeup at all so i was game for the night.

Later i kept on thinking that why on earth did i stop wearing skirts. And just then i remembered that i had body issues too. I was a chubby and some types of skirts really didn't suit me at all. So what did i do? I shunned it completely and declared it ugly and ignored wearing it. A skirt was a bloody joke to me. But now its a different story. I have lost weight and it kind of flatters my body when i wear the right kind. 

So why didn't i start wearing it again? Well, once you shun some thing, you don't really like it later on. But i am growing into it again. And hopefully i will grow into wearing short skirts one day too. We will just have to wait now. 

Thats enough for today. Stay blessed.


  1. Well my dear, all said and done I am glad you decided to wear it and post a picture 'coz you look bloody awesome. Those hair. Them eyes! Stunner.

    1. You are always so nice. Thank you Tanvi.

  2. Love the hair, the eyes and your header. :’) The new look of the blog is so good. You’re really pretty. And so is the skirt.


    1. Thank you darling! I missed reading our comments!


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