Wearing- Moms 25 year old Phirin | Leggings- Dubai | Shoes- Westside | Lipstick- Chambor Rubis | Earrings- Odel, Sri Lanka 
Location- HKV, Ruins

A Phirin is the most versatile thing ever to be made.Not because it is actually comfortable but because it is also so very convenient! Mostly deemed as the state dress of Kashmir,  it is becoming a huge style statement now especially in Delhi. Its pretty with all that work and one does not have to think about whether one can pull it off or not. Anyone can pull this off! It gives you shapeless silhouette so one doesnt need to worry about anything ! 

It is very handy during the winters as you just pull it over your sweater and cardigan to give you a different look and shapeless look. Thats what exactly happened in these pictures. 

I wore a sweater and these pretty printed warm leggings for my BFFs birthday lunch. I decided to take my Phirin along to wear it later on. But as luck would have it, it was cold that day and i ended up wearing the Phirin throughout the lunch and the photo session! :) :D  I love how the pictures have come out and how gorgeous my Phirin looks. 

FYI- its my mothers and she got it from Kashmir. 

No, you need not go to Kashmir to get it. Just hop to Delhi Haat or Lajpat Market to get one yourself. But let me tell you this, if you looking for an exact copy of mine, you wont find it. :( That is because the design is is almost 25 year old! But you will find other vibrant ones so make sure you pick it up when you see one. 

Another tip- Please do not buy a Phirin which is body hugging. They are not supposed to be tight fitting at all. They are made with the concept of an over-all that you can wear over your pretty clothes. So unless you are looking at a Phirin set (with pants and shawl), steer away from tight fitting phirins as they will hardly serve the main purpose. 

Now, if you want it to be hugging,  then go ahead. It will look gorgeous nonetheless. 

*Sigh! the treasures from different parts of India!*

Stay Blessed !

All pictures are mine.


  1. Pretty as always!

  2. And you are nice as always <3

  3. lovely look :)

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  5. Good post ,I loved your tights,
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