It is no secret that i love to eat. I am a slow eater, nonetheless, i like to eat everything that i feel like. I just need a little help finishing the food, thats all :) Thankfully, my sweetie has a good appetite and obliges by finishing up. Thumbs up for the boy!

I was craving for my usual snack- Hummus and Pita bread and decided to explore other Lebanese places other than my usual, Shish, in NFC area. I happened to visit this food court in Nehru Place where thankfully, there was a Lebanese stall. We ordered and waited anxiously. In 10 mins we got our order and devoured it. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. I had a lot of Hummus all over (its healthy, you know!) and this wasn't half bad. The quantity was good enough for two people and since i like to snack on this and not eat it as a whole meal (people do eat only this as dinner or lunch), it was quite filling and yum. Especially the pickled radish! My fav.

What they can improve- 1. Put more oilve oil on the Hummus. I needs the oil to make it taste nicer. I specially told them to give me lots of oil. 2. More pickle. yes more more! Greedy  3. Warmer bread. Tell them before hand that you want nice warm fresh bread. These three things checked and i am sure you will enjoy it like i do.

Name of the place- Fidaah. Price of the H&P- Rs135. 

So we tucked in un-apologetically and dragged ourselves to find something sweet for my sweet tooth and some caffeine for him. Nearest place? Starbucks. Head said, ugh. Mind said, its got comfy couches, go in fool!  So, in we went. The place wasn't crowded and it was a blessing. But it also got me wondering- has the hype gone down?

The hoopla around this brand has supposedly gone down. For the time being, that is. I don't hear people going star crossed about Starbucks anymore (admit the fact that people went crazy and the long lines in CP was there for everyone to see) Maybe they realized that the Frappe was being sold for Rs 100 in their nearest supermarkets for ages now. Shrugging.

Anyways, we got a Pumpkin Spice Pie (a specialty i hear) and i must say it did live up to its hype. Not bad. Not bad at all. Right amount of spices and you can taste them all from cardamom to cinnamon. But two bites and my strong latte, i was already full. Thank god for the boy who happily tucked in  :) Price for the pie- Rs 190. A little too much? Yes, it is. Will i eat it again? Ahh well, no; will try something else.

Latte was Rs 130 though. Would i got there again? In this particular Starbucks, yes. I like the ambiance- green and secluded- no rush like the other ones. That is the only reason i will visit it again, i guess. And maybe for the sandwiches haha!

Too much of a hottie.


 I did not discuss the very important pricing issue in this post but i shall devour on that AND which coffee is the best and which big house wins- Barista, Costa, CCD or Starbucks- sometime later on. It will be interesting!

 Battle suit on! Stomach ready!

Stay blessed till then!


  1. Hello! I know what you mean with the hoopla about Starbucks! I heard there were massive lines when they launched here! But even though I find their food & beverages a tad expensive, there is something warm and cosy about tucking in there :)


    1. Hi Dayle. Absolutely my point. Their ambiance is really warm and cozy. :)


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