I am going to let you guys on a secret today. 
Nothing serious so dont go already and bear with me!

My lovely and handsome parents had a love marriage. (la la la ! feel the love already?!)
Now, this fact we all knew. (the Khandaan) but the details were never really explained nor did anyone asked about their torrid courtship!
No one really quizzed my parents nor prodded them to tell their very epic ( yes, it was!) and heart melting love story. I wondered why. (idiot me)

Obviously, i was never really interested and the rest didnt really dared to ask my parents ! 
My dad is seen as Hitler by some and mother Lady Hitler by others. Now that explains the unexplained explanation of their love story for so many years..
 (hello, but whatever others may see/say, daddy is the cutest joker around momma his beautiful, crazy queen :D )

But recently, i came to know, i was much interested in knowing how these totally different jokers came to be together.

So the love story is as such

Long, long time ago, there was this tall, lanky, pretty girl  (our heroine !). She hardly acted like one for she used to roam in bicycles and chase guys and was a tomboy in the truest sense. She was well known for she was the daughter of a very prominent doctor. She was almost royalty (her father had the title of Nawab) and she had everything in this world. She was the eldest, the wild child in tiny shorts and gang of girl friends ready to take over the guys! She was completely doted and prized by her parents.

Now in the same city lived the hero of this story. Born to really rich parents and nearly spoiled-to-death, this prince was unusual. I shall tell you why. He had no qualms about his fancy cars and nor his rich dad; he had an uber rich upbringing but still played with the servants; and the most of all - he walked out of his parents house at a very young age because he couldnt take the family drama. (he had 10 siblings)

So now back to the story-  
this lad sees this lanky girl, one day and falls for her. (yes, love at first sight! yea, you can go ahead and yawn again) now he follows her everywhere in his big car and everybody seemed to know what was happening because he left no stone un-turned in knowing about this mystery girl. He followed her, made friends with her cousins and was practically everywhere !  he made up is mind to marry her at the soonest.

But hello hello!! trouble and trouble. 

She just passed her 12! and he was in 2nd year doing Commerce. Yes, both very young. and what more, due to the demise of his father, the young lad had temporarily, left his studies to take over the business. 
While wasting no time, the lad finally went over to Mr Granddad Doc and asked for his daughters hand in marriage.

What do you do?,- the aged doctor asked
I am handling my fathers business at the moment, - he said
Your education qualifications? - he peered into the lads eyes.
I left studies to handle my business- the lad said, truthfully.
Well, i am not letting my daughter marry and uneducated man. Complete your education and in the meantime so will she. After that we will decide. - the old man said

Lad was puzzled but understood. A renowned doctor will never let his precious marry a nobody even if he is born with a golden spoon in his mouth. To claim her, he will have to slog and complete his education.

So he did and when he passed with flying colours he straight-away went to claim her. My dear granddad was quite impressed by what the lad did. 
He thought, like any other lad filled with riches, this one too, will just buy a degree (and damn, he had the money!) But for his little precious, this joker went ahead and actually completed his graduation.He can do anything for her. He will do everything for her. He is the right one for her. He is hers. 

And just like that- so was she !

And our heroine (even though she didnt do much) was already his from the very beginning, it seems. Even though she used to be scared of the lad, as he almost stalked her, soon she saw the true side of him and started meeting him (yes, he used to take her and her siblings out for a pepsi or a cola :D)

But the most daring thing about the story is that, they courted out in the open! Yes! they kicked society's arse! he used to take her out for drives and no one made any noise! maybe no one dared to! coz DUDE, they were clearly in love! and this love won over Grandad too. 

Btw this whole story was narrated to me by my lovely and gorgeous Grandmother. She played a major role too. She made the lad leave his bad habits like chewing paan! (ooh, he hates me for it !- she says) She told him to refine his English and quit drinking.She always forced her daughter to go and meet the lad as the heroine was painfully shy! (yes, here was a mother who wanted her daughter to go out and HAVE FUN!)

So as soon as she graduated, the Princess married the Prince in a grand love-turned-arranged-marriage and yes, they are still into their happily ever after. 

Now the after all this hoobaloo, i was usher in this romantic world and now with my coming of age (dude, i shouldn't let this out on the web, but i am just 21 ! ugh, by this time momma had me! ) people have set their eyes out for a suitable boy for yours truly! 
But my parents, with their romance-love-marriage- thinking want me to find my TRUE LOVE all by myself !

We are not going to force you in any way. We want you to look for him. We want you to have the thrill of falling in love,  they smiled 

So right now, though its not ze time, i am in a hunt. A hunt to fall madly in love! Because as my post title suggest- darlings, sometimes you really have to look out for LOVE coz you never know when its going to strut into your life :)




  1. inspired by your parents' love story...

    i am sooo gonna kick society's arse

    and yes...true love does exist in this 21st century...sooo...let the hunt begin<3

    loved it huney!!!

  2. Rohinie ! man hunt in Delhi is scary!!! help me!
    I am glad you loved it, sweety!


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