( *trrring trringg trrringg*)

Hello. Hello. Is anybody there?

Yes. Who is this?


Rosie! where have you been?

where have i been? - HIBERNATING. 


Hey lovelies. What are you glam people upto? Travelling, i presume, eh? well, so have i :) 
I know i have been M.I.A for quite sometime ; but augh, now i am back for good (no, i am not hating it)
The thing is there is a certain time in the year when i disappear for a month or so :D this time, i call it, is FAMILY TIME. we go travelling, eating, shopping or just sleeping :) 

So i am done with my exams and currently i have my ass firmly situated in ASSAM :) with my gorgeous cousin. Yea, the same one who is nearly perfect :s (lol!)

So i am basically doing nothing at all! just eating, swimming, sleeping, watching Tudors! (yea, i know i know, Jonathan tried to kill himself! )
That is why i am loving it so much here! i am so jobless! for a change, i am kinda loving it ! (...zzzzzzzzzzz)  
But i know soon this feeling will pass and i will be dying to get back to ze place :) (Delhi, i am talking about guys!) 

So, i was thinking of Cleopatra. If you have read Astrix enough, you will know that they were quite smitten by her NOSE :D 
Yes, apart from everything, she was said to have a beautiful nose. Did you know that she was the last Pharaoh of Egypt. (yea, i did !) 
So much limelight on this beautiful creature who was said to have contributed to the slow demise of the whole friggin Empire! 
Why, lets have a look at some one who actually controlled an empire, shall we? 

Queen Nefertiti.

So, whats her story, you ask? well, she is Egypt's most famous Queen. If Cleopatra was strong, Nefertiti makes her look like a meek lamb without any brains. For a change, this beautiful queen was stronger than her husband. (yea, imagine that!) and who, one fine day, at the peak of her reign as Queen, disappeared into thin air!  yes, the disappearance act, darling! who wouldnt ? her husband married one of his own daughters! yes Incestuous, no? I think a decade back Discovery Channel found a mummy and after running test and stuff it was declared that it was indeed the mummy of ze beautiful queen! 
If you guys really dont have a clue about her, i suggest you read this lovelies  NEFERTITI 
Its a treat :) she seems to be more fun than Cleopatra, no?

Hearing all this, i am kinda (almost)trying to coerce my dad into taking me to EGYPT! that place has history man! 

Anyways, i am going to update soon about all the things i have been doing and stuff, but of course, later :)

 i am just happy to be back again. 

So me some love, lovelies,and jump over to my Facebook page and hit the LIKE button :) Click here !

Okay, i will leave you with this really cute song :)

Ahem ! yes, i love Mike Posner ! did i mentioned it before?? well, whatever!

I missed you people! 

Kisses !!


  1. Anonymous5.7.11

    Read both Nefertiti and The Heretic Queen they were both really good.

    You really shouldn't be envying us in Delhi. THE HEAT.


  2. Yay. I was wondering where you'd been all this while.
    Nice to see you back!:)

  3. haha! Aditi, i know its damn hot but i still want to go back! but i wish you could have been here in ASSAM. its so nice and windy :)

    Bonniela- i am happy to be back too, sweety :)

  4. Doing nothing is sometimes the best kind of holiday. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. welcome back honey<3
    and yes..i love being jobless too...
    and i yes Egypt and its history...i wanna visit "ZE" place too...lol

  6. Rohinie! <3 <3 Ze place is so alluring no?! lol!

    Addie- thanks for stopping by sweety!


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