Yes, its already time :) its not an elevated sense of feeling but well, its time :) 

My 50th post.

I was wondering what to do. 

As you can see that i have become quite lazy with my writing and mostly put up pictures for your entertainment. But then i told you i was lazy and that it was bound to happen. And so today, i am, again, lazy to do something special.  Well its just my 50th post. No biggie ;) 

BUT- there are some sentimental things that i would like to say, so brace yourselves.

So first things first- i thank all of you who take the liberty to actually come and read/check  my blog as you have no idea how nice that makes me feel. I feel honored and more importantly, awesome to be heard. Thats my  golden heart, in the picture above, for you :)

Secondly- i love all my fellow blogger friends :) you are the reason i (sometimes !) write. 

And lastly, those who have not yet got a taste of the Pajamas yet (not reading this silly-milly blog) you are sure missing something. lol. but no pressure.

Important news is my sister has finally got a camera! and now we can click click click :) i told you before that even though i have no intentions of becoming a fashion blogger, the moment get my hands on a camera, i will start taking outfit pictures!  Oh god , the time has come ;)

But hold your thoughts- i never said i will be in front of it. 
Even though you know me through this blog i have made it quite sure that you dont know me by my face. Thats a hide-n-seek that i am playing and its not that i am shy or anything. But i think since this blog is actually my sisters (Farnaaz), hers is the face that should represent or come up here provided the fact that she almost writes everything now :)  
and anyways i like to be anonymous, like a ghost, floating here and there.

Oh, and dont be disappointed-  You can easily identify me - i look identical to her. Very identical.

Now getting back to pictures (you know there needs to be that in this blog!) 
This was during Eid (Eid Mubarak to everyone btw!) and these are obviously not of me. 
But i am sure you will love it. 

That is Farnaaz, of course, with sister Farheen who is wearing a fab-yellow (ah, i love yellow) anarkali kurta from a Designer boutique. 

 Left- Farnaaz and her friend Ramla.

Below left - with Asnah and right- The three of them.

Farnaaz is game on with her whole ensemble which is from Fab India while giving it a bling-y touch with the gold hoops borrowed from Ramla. 

She carried her trusty Marc Jacobs Clutch in black but soon exchanged it with her Next clutch in orange due to some reason. 

Plus, some pixie points for that maroon LIP Shade! 

Ramla decide to wear a green Lucknowi kurta with plain churidar and wear vintage gold and green stone earrings. She completed her ensemble with Fs orange Next clutch and tan kolhapuries (which i think are gorgeous).

Asnah kept things simple, wearing everything from Fab India and an beige sling bag from London.

Food, i was told, was purely Biryani and lassi with yummy paranthas and assortment of chicken kebabs. Yea, my tummy cringing on hearing this now. 

WOW that was EID! exactly the way it is supposed to be celebrated! 

As for me, i did celebrate it in the same way but of course i was not bothered about taking pictures.(Actually seeing all the food, i forgot about taking pictures and furthermore, i did not have a camera there!)

I know i know, 50th post is supposed to be fun and stuff, but hey, these pictures are more than fun- they are stylish and it was EID! 

So i am gonna leave you with these and again Eid Mubarak to all. Insha-allah all your dreams and aspiration will come true. 

I pray for your well being :)

God bless and long live the Pajamas ! (they never go out of fashion, btw. and yes, next post i shall show you how PJs are trending !) 



  1. Eid Mubarak to you too! All the ladies are looking FAB!!! Love it when people give wide smiles. It automatically makes me return their smiles with :D

    ♡ from ©

    Lovely pictures!!

  3. Anonymous4.9.11

    Eid Mubarak:)
    all the pictures are great esp. the last 1:D

  4. Wow !! lovely pictures.. I love dt yellow!! nd hey Eid Mubarak ( though I know am wishing late as I am a new follower to your blog )

    Plz visit my blog sometime and follow if u like !!

    take care !!

  5. Tanvi- Aww, you are right. smiling is the best thing in the world apart from shoes ;)

    B- You gotta come here more often, pretty :D

    Nitika- I am your new follower too :)

    Oshin- aint the last picture tempting? ;)

  6. Damnit i was hoping you would be in front of the camera,
    I love the yellow anarkali and ur sister has awesome hair and love that lip color on her

  7. Those outfits are gorgeous! I love all the colors. And congrats on your 50th blog post!!

    P.S. Thanks for leaving me a comment :)

  8. love all the pictures..everyone is dressed up so beautifully..Here on your blog for the first time..keep up the good work :)

  9. Thank You all!! <3

    F Phd- I will be in front of the camera dont worry but then you wont be surprised ;)

  10. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon!


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