Oh my god its raining like a bitch ! so i am taking the whole day off :D 
yea, spoken like a true college kid who never wants to go for her classes. but what am i to do ? i dont half like my subject as i like shoes and handbags! 

Point being- Its okay to miss classes ;) 

So i was getting handy with the camera and decided to take it out for a spin. 

Nothing great just playing around with the new gadget and NO effects BTW, didnt need any actually :P 
yea, too much of books, but im kinda self-confessed NERD. (taking a bow)
Okay (okay, dont gimme that look), i was in the library and i didnt have anything better to do and so i started taking pictures. (yup, got thrown out!) 

Well well misery misery :P

Now talking of business, i have new found obsession with Mulberry! This disaster happened when i saw this gorgeous bag in brown in one of these stores and automatically fell in love. It had a flap which is why i decided not to take it as i find that quite irritating (and also apart from the price tag Rs. 6000 :\) But it was a gorgeous bag nonetheless ! and my loss for not liking flaps :S  

So once out of my misery i started looking for Mulberry (cost-effective) bags :P okay maybe not cost effective as all are 200 ponds and more! :\ but here are some of my favorite!

Polly Push


Piccadily ( though i dont know the difference between this and the Bayswater!)

Lily bag 

All Flaps but pretty :P

There are more obviously but now i am lazy to search the www. and lest it makes me more greedy (as it is i am too greedy for my shoes :P)

As as you know (or may not know) that i am a sucker for Alexander Wang (both him and his designs) I have been at a look out for his very expensive (!) Coco Duffel bag. 

Ah, very sporty and i love and i want.

Now now now. i want second opinion okay. which color would you go for? i am leaning towards the Tan but i want to know what you guys think about these. Go ahead and write.
Nope, these are not for ME :\ a gift to my pretty sister :)

Okay now i leave you to lust after these, while i grab some lunch.

Tata and love from my purple Pjs

To all our new followers Welcome !!

F n R


  1. i gave the mulburry satchel and alexander wang duffel inspired pieces on my blog shop!
    See them if you like!!
    theyr not half as expensive as their "inspiration" pieces

  2. the tan color looks more stylish! the black is standard n a bore to the eyes now! go Tan !
    i too have a blog on handbags, the ones i own :)) do chk out n give ur opinion.

  3. F phd- i sent you a message sweetheart!
    KL- you are right. i am so going with the tan :D

  4. I need that Bayswater :D

  5. Anonymous9.9.11

    I need it all. ALL OF IT. nomnomnom


  6. Hmm I would say black.. but I usually always go for black with everything. But also, I like the stark contrast between the black leather and the wood heel. And good for you that you took a day off! Who wants to go out in the rain! x

  7. these purses are awesome!

  8. love the bags and yes, I would go with tan as well:)

  9. Anonymous19.9.11

    tan would work the best =),trust me and yourself <3
    love the Alexa one x)

  10. dont we all love ALEXA!!


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