Ivanka Trump! Classy i must say

Jeans culture is actually real cool.

Alicia Keys! mother of god! she is hot! and look at those shoes man! they are see through, btw.

I know they are nothing great, but i am ordering them.

Ho Ho Ho. Posh with her almost-doll-like-baby (yea, silly in a creepy way) Harper. Baby looks stuffed, if you know what i mean. i mean she doesnt look human at all!

Hanneli! love the shoes!

Ohhhh, Hendricks!

Ben Aflleck with preggy wife! he looks delicious.

Dita Von Tess. i love her.

Look at Andrej! doing a Marilyn!

Love this retro bikini.

I dont know who she is but i happen to love the jumpsuit. So fresh.

Her name is Shailene Woodley and i think she is very pretty Check out the Louboutin.

Vanessa Paradis. 


Pretty in a nice way.

How can you not love them! Beatles

Jake ! oh jake!

Kim and her Kanye West earring. if you love him why the show on you ears, babe?

Love Rosie


  1. Loved the pictures!! :) Posh's baby really looks like a doll!!

  2. Oh nice selection. I'm with you, I love Hanneli's shoes! Amazing. And the Olsen twin's picture is just soo cool! kisses

  3. Anonymous12.5.12

    Really like the styles you have picked out :))

  4. jake, oh jake!!!
    great selection, u have such an awesome sense of style!
    take a look at my blog and follow if you like it ;)
    kisses from Spain,


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