Hey guys!  How ya doing?  (very Joey style :P) Yea i know its SUMMERS and its killing! huh! 
I know i know, i am wishing for the same thing- WINTERS COME BACK! 

So, in this real killing heat you need to keep your cool and make sure you are taking care of your body and that pretty face. I am a big fan of everything natural + i have no time to waste. If you are just like me - then it makes perfect sense to dash to your kitchen for some facial therapy. There are so many things that we can have fun with- right from our Kitchen-  be it oil or baking soda hah! *ok, dont try the latter, please*

I have tried and tested some of the things and i am going to share it with you one at a time.


Today lets talk about the body and the easiest way to keep it clean - SCRUBBBBBBBBING! 

The best way to keep that body clean is scrubbing/exfoliating, right? But for that it is really not necessary to spend a lot of cash. You can head straight to your kitchen and help yourself to, say 2-3 items, and BANG! you have your own home scrub! 

Here is a cool easy homemade scrub recipe :)

1. Olive oil Scrub  

What will you need- ONLY 3 items!
- 3 tbs of olive oil (any type) 
- 2 tbs of organic honey 
- 1/2 cup of brown sugar  and a jar :)


Step 1. pour the olive oil first in the jar followed by the honey 
Step 2. then add the brown sugar and mix it ! 

Done! Yes, these two steps and your scrub is made.


Step 1. Wet you body and apply. Scrub and you are done. Dont forget to moisturize after you have a bath. 

Now tell me wasn't that the easiest-straight-out-of-the-kitchen-goodness? 

Try it and let me know. 

*You can check out the new Lemon/Salt body scrub recipe here *

Stay blessed.


  1. will this scrub work for oily skin?

  2. It works for any type skin! Its for body and not face, so will work wonders.
    I have oily skin too and worked good on mine :)
    P.S - your question was for the body skin type and not face right, love?

  3. oh cool,, its always hard to find a good recipe for oily skin.

    love ure posts and how u put things together to make it an interesting read.

  4. it was for face actually but u clarified so thanks:)
    wud appreciate if u can post something that can be done for treating acne:)

  5. Yes, i did that :D
    For acne, i will try and get put it up ASAP! Dont for get to check the Lemon Scrub!
    Much Love


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