People dont take me as the religious types, you know ( I blame my whole personality and my lazy drawl for it ) But turns out i am a big one. 
I have Faith in my God :) and i constantly thank him for all my happiness. Yes, i am quite the Allah's pet, in a way.
I think religion gives us a peace of mind, something to hold on to which is beautiful and enriching. 
But when i say all this, remember its just me, a girl in pajamas, saying it. i am in no way generalizing. 

So why the sudden blurt of religion ?
Duh! Its the holy month! 

The holy month starts from tomorrow! Yay! why am i so happy? Ah, well apart form abstaining from all the bad things, this month is really the month to turn a new leaf. And i am desperate for it! No, i can do that anyways but this month is so positive in a way that starting something new will always be rewarded.

Oh, you know what happens right? 
We fast till the evening for 30 days and then the new year (new moon) ushers us into a new year- this is totally following the Muslim calender when i say new year as for us Eid is starting of  new year :)

I cant wait for it to start as this is the best month to eat! *i know i talk like a kid!* and this is the time when you get the most number of guest in your place! Everybody wants to hog Sewaiiyaan!

Pop art! Ramadam Kareem!

Its an amazing month, so full of energy on the contrary to what people think! You have no clue what revelations you might end up having. Its said that during this month the gates of Heaven are forever open and Hell is permanently shut :) So the more good you do in this month, the more brownie points for you.

So have fun, do good, help people and you will stay blessed! 

Btw, when we fast we DO loose weight :) now isnt it a plus point? But it should be done cleverly or else i have seen how you put on the kilos MOSTLY during Ramzan!

we dont drink during the holy month. 
we dont have sex. 
we dont smoke.
we dont masturbate. 

But mine is a cool religion! so all these are DONTS only till the time i am fasting. Once i break it, its okay to do all the donts :D 

WHAT DOES IT TEACHES US-  baby, it teaches us restraint. If any smoker wants to quit, this month is the best to do it because all these donts are actually shouldnt. 

Love your parent, yourself and your God. 
So may Allah bless you all this holy month and bring you lots of happiness. 
Happy Ramzan, peeps!


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    1. Happy ramzan!
      the post was really informative :)

  2. Ramadan kareem to you sweetie ♥

  3. great post,oh i love it. faith matters a lot in one's life.
    we all need to love God and believe through him all things are def possible.
    bless u darl.


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