You cant keep everything with you. 
It has to leave you once in a while. 
And sometimes for good.
Life with it seems like a party. 
Food seems like a lesson learnt from Master chef.
Sex was topic to be shared and learnt.
Fights seem like the end of the world.
Its difficult when they are with you and hurtful when they are not.

You must be wondering what i am blabbering about. 
Is it a lingerie? 
Is it a ring or a necklace
Is it clothes?
Is it a shoe?

No. I am talking about a human.
My best friend.
My agony aunt. 
My friend, THE friend.

And so she left me. 
Thankfully, i got to say goodbye and hug her tight, 
Leaving me in tears that was to come after sometime.
In her room i clean her bed,
Keep some of the things that she left behind as treasure found in a chest.
Then a message pops in my phone,
Which says- you are the best.
Happy though it makes me, sadder because she is actually gone.
But hey! 
She is alive and well and i am seeing her again.

End of chapter 1.

Beginning of chapter 2. 

And it starts like this.
Us again, just as we were- crazy and full of colors.
Us again shopping for each other. 
Us again travelling half the globe to gossip.
Us again against the world....

And maybe it can go on to include this too?
Californian summer in a Sri Lankan beach?

Cheers to awesome 3 years thats left behind.
Cheers to graduates. 
Cheers to lots of money coming our way ;)
Cheers to the crazy graduates.



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