Yeaa.. It really feels nice to have the first swim of the year, doesn't it? Well, i didn't exactly swim thanks to no costume, but i had a nice time dipping my feet in the cool blue water and splashing around like a 12 year old child. 
I was spending some time with my friend in Gurgaon and that's where all these pictures are taken. It was....well, its gurgaon, so you can make out the nice-ness (and posh-ness) of the area and the pool. I had a nice, relaxing time though. 
But now, i am banging my head on the wall, trying to complete my papers and presentations.
(and thinking about the cool, blue water and imagining dipping my feet in it!)

*Uggggh! hitting my head against the wall, again*
*Finish your work, bro!*

On another note-

Arent my Vans fly? They are called Youg Homie and handpainted! Shoe brand is HBVAO (who doesnt know this brand! Bryanboy loves this brand!)

Thankfully, I found them at Frica shoes  for around Rs1800 (hahaha)
They are as comfy as Vans (which are more expensive) and they come in all different themes/colors

See it for yourself - Frica Shoes
I did a longgg post on this shoe site some time back-  here

While i go crazy wearing my equally cool, crazy , comfy shoes, you all have a good day :D

All pictures are mine. Dont you steal them!


  1. those shoes r so...cute
    nyc post:)


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