So finally i am on Instagram! Thats is purely because i got a new phone. Anyways, since the day i joined it, i cant stop beautifying (yes, yes) my pictures. It kind of gives a new life to your pictures but hell everybody knows that. But i am also in love with other apps like vscocam and repix. These are crazy and fun; especially the latter. Wow, i feel like a primitive person suddenly thrust-ed into the 21st century! Haha! 

This last week was pretty hectic. But good hectic. Thats because i went to the UAE for a quick getaway with my mum and my sister. It was a girls trip and it was fun, tiring, exciting, crazy and full of good food to eat. Since it was my second trip, shopping was nothing much as it is way better to shop in India than to buy from there. But i found some good deals nonetheless hehehe. But this trip was all about food. And not just any food. Good Pakistani food.   * nom nom nom *   *makes my mouth watery* 

I am not going to write much as i am already devoting a full page on my UAE trip so feel free to check it when its done for the insider travel view.  For now feel free to browse my Instagram pictures of the week and to follow me and ask any questions you like.


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