What do you think of these cuties ? I wore them for a month when i was in Sri Lanka this July and you may think its rather outlandish with bows and the colors being neon blue, but to tell you the truth, that's the exact reason why i picked them up. It was perfect for summers and monsoons and gives a feminine character to your outfit. I regularly used to wear it for my swimming  but took it to SL too. I knew it was perfect for the beach and it was comfortable enough to wear it everyday. 

My sister, gasped when i got them first, shouting out loud that it was very tacky. In fact my friends also sniggered when i wore them. But soon they all grew into it. So much so that i had to gift these to one of my friend who begged me to leave it with her. Now these cuties are happily settled in SL.

Tacky? I thought they were pretty cute! My first reaction to my sisters remark was - so what if its tacky? I can damn well rock it like they are some bloody Vuitton. And i did.  It does depend with what you are wearing though. I mostly wore it with skirts, leggings and wore shades of blue while wearing it. You can also wear neutrals with it because it gives such a pop of color. Its a monsoon staple too. All in all, it grows on you and you really don't have to worry about it being tacky. Its cute and its all that matters. Wear it right and you might shock people. 

These are easily available everywhere now and quite in vogue. I got mine from Delhi this June.

It only takes two things to make people notice you- the right shoes and the right attitude. It doesn't matter if you wearing Atwood or Choo or a mere 300 buck slippers like these; if you know you can pull it off with the right attitude, you are a winner then.  

Stay blessed.


  1. they are cute :)

    Tanu :)
    A recent post:

    1. Arent they, Tanuja!? Thats what i told my sister haha!

  2. THE BLOG ROCKS NAZU !! I wish you would give mine a makeover, I might actually attract some new then as I have managed to antagonize all my old ones by my emo rants :P
    The first I did after getting internet was to check out your blog. It totally looks 'fly' as would say :)
    Lots of Love.


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