Yes, Victoria has a secret and that is - she has a little secret pout. This is my newest ummm.. you can call it love. No obsession actually. I got this Secret Pout in Dubai from the store and since its a new product they were having a promotional sale (with other new/old products as well) in which you could get 2 for 90 Dirhams. (Rs 1500 for 2) and 4 things for 120 Dirhams (Rs 2050). So me and my sister got 4 pretty things because it made sense and was cheap. I got 2 of these beauties and my sister got a cream blush and a pink of this. 

Coming back to the product, boy!, i am so glad i picked two of this! This is a highly tinted gloss with so much pigmentation that i was taken aback that i hit jackpot at VS out of all places on earth! I was not at a lookout for tinted gloss at Victoria's Secret! Comon! I was meaning to go to Sephora or some place like that. Luckily, VS saved my time and obviously money thanks to the promo going on.I got these for cheap. I know its still Rs 500 each, but believe me when i say this, for this much money this product is a steal. The coverage is amazing and its lasting power will surprise you. 

It transfers a little but you wont even notice it. I only reapplied (by reapplying i mean i just rubbed my finger gently on my lips to settle it) after 4-5 hours. Whatta tint! And its super glossy, so people who are into gloss should get this ASAP. Sadly, VS doesn't have a store in India as yet. But if someone is visiting you, or you are traveling then get this. You wont regret this. Its a tint, its gloss. (2 in 1 :D) , good pigmentation and good staying power. All at an affordable price.

I am not much of a gloss person so what i do is i apply little on both my lips and gently massage it with my fingers to get my desired consistency. I use my fingers a lot when it comes to the application of lipstick/gloss because since i am a very matte person, i can only get my desired look though a gentle massage sometimes. Other times, i just apply directly.  Even for reapplication, i use my fingers first an then apply if necessary. (yes, clean fingers please) 

I am that kind of person who hardly puts any makeup and truly believe in the magic of a single lipstick and a little kolh. For me, this is Holy Grail. I always carry this in my bag because it doesn't matter if i am going  for classes or for a date, this one product can totally transform my look in a jiffy. 

So here is Victoria's little secret for you. Dont wait. Go grab if possible.

Stay blessed till then.


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