While i am sitting here blowing my nose out because i have such a bad cold,  i cannot understand the whole deal of TWERKING and how Robin Thicke singing Blurred Lines is propagating rape all over the world.

Yes, this whole issue is a little mind boggling because there is so much happening in this world and all people like to highlight is Miley Cyrus twerking her ass out and songs which are really fun to groove on but which are in fact, some believe, spreading a deadly virus though the lyrics which in turn makes the people listening or dancing to it - rape girls.

Wow, logic i must say. Brilliant. And btw, did i get the facts right? I mean that's why you would rape a girl right? Because Robin is apparently singing about it making it sound cool? Or because you are horny bastard who have no control over your dick or you don't get some fuck back home?

 I think everybody is an idiot if they think that a song can really instill guts in people to rape. That Oh if Robin can do it so can i!  I mean, first, he is Robin Thicke;  You are not. Girls will jump on him because he is Thicke and he will not need to rape at all. Its called consensual sex, idjit. Second, how stupid are you to think that a song can do that to? I admit boys are horny and all but seriously? Look at the lyrics. Its directly talking to a girl, telling her that Robin might fuck her because he knows deep inside that she is an animal. Period. its kinky and that's just about it. How is that propagating rape? 

*and excuse my language*

Oh now Miley. Lets face it she is a 22 year old who is uber famous. She doesn't have the same liberties that you and i have. On constant scrutiny i am sure any normal person would crack. And look at that, she only twerked and grind-ed on Robin. So what? He parents don't have a problem; the man doesn't have a problem and nor does his wife. So why are we trying to make a big deal of it? I saw that performance myself. yes, it was sleazy but unlike others, i let it go and cut some slack on her. I mean its not like i matter so much to her ( and so don't you btw) but as a 22 year old myself, i can imagine what she is going through. Her fiance left her and she is broken. So that's that to it.  She aint mental. She just wants some attention and she is getting it. End of story.

 No one is talking about the guy (Robin Thicke again) who she was grinding on? I mean wasn't that inappropriate? He is married and he was letting HER grind on him. NO issues on that, right? Wow, hypocrisy at its best. Well done!

Yes, the way you interpret things can be very different from the way i do it. But the point it, these are things that you nor i have any control on and shouldn't waste time on it. We certainly have better things to do in the end of the day and its not like we are super duper friends with them that it should affect us. What happened to the i-will-mind-my- business? No, don't think that just because they are celebs we have some unbound authority on their lives. Both of them are super rich celebs who don't give a heavenly fuck about what either of us think. True story.

Messy business, yes, but people need to stop pretending that its the end of the world thanks to these two grinding on each other and due to same raunchy lyrics. Gasp at what they did,  listen to the song , drink and dance and get it over with. Having an opinion is good but dont over exercise it on things that doesn't affect our life even in a minor way.. After all, its for our entertainment. Lets chill.

FYI, my opinions are in no ways trying to change yours. I am just writing whats already been written by many who feel the same. If its clashing in any way with your thoughts, then my dear, get a grip and learn to respect and accommodate others side of the story as well. We are different and our opinions will always clash. (and when i say You , it doesnt mean i am actually pointing at you and accusing)

And now i need to blow my nose again. I hate this. Anyways i hope your weekend was fruitful as mine was hands on nose-full :(  I hope to get better soon listening to a lot of Imagine Dragons.

Happy Sunday to all. Stay blessed.


  1. I hear ya! People who have a problem with her are the ones who are making her famous. Rest of us are going about our lives and more important things.

    Even I didn't get how that song was propagating rape. I am glad I was not the only one.

    1. Oh the debates, i tell you Tanvi. You will be appalled! Totally crazy.


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