The last two post were purely beauty tricks (i hope you read them here and here!) 
Today, well, i am not so much in the mood. But since i told you i would definitely try and update regularly, therefore here i am, TRYING :P

Lets roll, peeps!

Post Cannes, i think she has gathered enough courage (good things!) and well, she does look GORJ in that anarkali. She aint conscious anymore and you just feel that!She has always been beautiful, no doubt, and Post Cannes and all that criticism, i think she has finally come out of her shell even with oodles of baby weight. But that doesnt matter, right? coz as long as you dress according to your weight you can shine and here-  she shines :) 

Neha Dhupia. Hmm.. so this female has suddenly evolved her sense of fashion. AND makeup AT the same time! Now thats something, people. I love everything about this picture of her. The makeup is real good (no, i dont know anything about makeup) and i want to copy it (but i dont know what to use hence i know i will end up looking like a money with rose cheeks!) hah!

Love mustard, Love boobs, Love legs, Love that makeup. But this is all plain jane, in the sense, seen-it-before-KIM- types. TAKE RISK, Kim! and by that i dont mean to slit that gown higher. Its just you are so perfect all the time, ITS ANNOYING now!

*Fainted!* Its Gaga people. In clothes. Yes. i am not kidding and i didnt Photoshop it! how fabulous does she look! Ah, that color! she IS getting back to real fashion after all! hah!

One word- horrifying. Enuff said. WHATWEREYOUTHINKING? I mean i love the mint dress and all but - You look like a crazy woman! i think its the EYES! oh, and the over powering lips. Sorry Rach- FAIL.

Fergie, i am not here to talk about that matronly dress of yours. I am here to point out the fact that you have had a face-lift or Botox or god knows what life and you look disgusting and old. I know i am harsh but see it for yourself. You look plastic, babe, and i think you are grumpy about it.

Why do you have to be so PIN-perfect? Buuuuuuut next time please apply that hoard of makeup on your neck too. You are too perfect, Von Tess.

Oh god!  get over it! PLL! I found him creepy and hot in way! haha!

So..... who wants to work here? Me? NO,  i just want to marry the owner, work will be too much of a pressure where as marriage, haha, like Kim K, i can break it off in say 72 HOURS?!

Uff too cute. Overflowing!

That is Emma Watson with her err.. pink/candy PUPPY! She looks hot (obviously!) and that Dog- i WANT  ONE!

All these pictures are form all over the net okay. And people, dont get offended by my comments :) 
All in good humor, learn how to how fun :)


  1. hahaha i love you ...you know that!!! love the way you've captioned the pics... about von tesse's neck... i bet i wouldnt have noticed it's darker shade if you hadnt mentioned...but still i love her... and fergie is a disaster up there... also is racheal mcadams... though shes one of my fav... and GAGA...IM GOING GAGA OVER YOU... the peplum dress looks too good...and no dramatic accessories...what a relief!!!
    babe you never fail to entertain with your posts!!! just lurve this one...

  2. You got an awesome writing style honey, and you would make a great critic :D

    Neha sure does look good in that makeup-how on earth do they do it!


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